Google RankBrain Algorithm – 5 Things You Must Know

RankBrain was launched by Google a couple of years ago to enhance its search filtering process and help users get correct answers for their long queries. But, people are still searching over the internet – what is RankBrain? This artificial intelligence system is so powerful that within just 3 months of its activation, it became the third most important ranking factor, just behind content and links. If you want to optimize your website for it, then create content based on long-tail queries. For instance, “website development” is a short query typed by random people. Still, if someone is looking for a web development company to build a WordPress website, then he may search, “What are the WordPress website development advantages and cost?” You need to create content that offers in-depth information about particular long-tail queries to make sure that RankBrain will notice your website.

Google RankBrain

Google RankBrain Algorithm

Today, I will discuss some of the key qualities that make it so unique.

1. Better Prediction of Data

You will be surprised to hear that all the learning processes of RankBrain take place offline. It learns how to make predictions based on the historical data it has processed each day.

2. Smarter the Creators

It is a lot smarter than its creators, Google engineers. Despite being an AI, when Google held a test between its smartest engineers and RankBrain by asking them some questions, it scored 80% while the engineers scored 70%.

3. Data Accuracy

PageRank lost its relevance after the emergence of RankBrain because RankBrain doesn’t work like its older sibling. While PageRank always searched for good ranking factors on a webpage (link, keyword, length of content, etc.), RankBrain pays a lot more attention to the data accuracy and the relevance of the content based on the end user’s query.

4. Handling Daily 450 Million Queries

Google handles 3 billion search queries per day on average. Now, out of the 3 billion, 15% search queries feature colloquial words, some are ambiguous,  and some are voice queries where people converse with Google Assistant. RankBrain alone takes care of this 15% or 450 million queries every day.

5. Artificial Narrow Intelligence

Here is the last and most surprising fact. While the capability of RankBrain is genuinely brilliant, in terms of AI superiority, it belongs to a lower level than you may expect. Artificial Intelligence is classified in 3 levels-

  1. Artificial Super Intelligence
  2. Artificial General Intelligence and
  3. Artificial Narrow Intelligence.

RankBrain’s machine learning algorithm belongs to the Artificial Narrow Intelligence category.

That’s all! Which of these facts about RankBrain surprised you the most? Did I miss anything? Share your opinion in the comments section.

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