5 Great College Degrees You Can Get Online


Most people consider online programs as only suitable for studying certain courses to obtain college degrees. But over the course of the last few years, the offer for online courses has considerably increased offering many choices to people pursuing an online education that was not available just a few years ago. In this article, we’re going to cover some of the best degrees you can get online.

Online college degrees
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Top Online College Degrees

1. Nursing

Many schools now offer a nursing degree online. Besides the online coursework, students must also do some field work. The reason for this extra leg-work is obvious; nursing is a hands-on career and so should be its training. Many universities even have virtual labs that their students can use. However, fieldwork usually only accounts for a small percentage of the course, the rest is done online.

2. Veterinary Technology

Although students do the bulk of this course online, like nursing, some fieldwork is needed. After all, how else can someone learn the medical procedures used on animals but by doing so practically? Fieldwork, therefore, involves working in zoos or veterinary clinics attending to animals, performing laboratory work, and helping out in the theater. This comes best among online college degrees.

3. Agricultural Science

Few people can hide their surprise at the idea of doing an agricultural science degree online. They cannot comprehend how the study of agriculture – something practiced outdoors – is possible from behind a computer screen. But, it is. However, different schools have different approaches on how to complete the course.

Some offer the entire course online while others need some fieldwork done as well. It is up to the students to decide which option is best for them. Upon completion of the course, graduates can expect to conduct experiments on and ensure the safety of food products meant for human consumption.

4. Fire Science

Like agricultural science, fire science is also practiced outdoors. The aim of this degree is to teach students about fire prevention and how to design disaster plans. They are also taught when to put their plans into action and when to refrain from doing so.

Finally, they learn about making adjustments to their plans based on a fire’s progress. Fire science courses vary depending on the school. Some offer courses on the chemical aspects of fires while others do not, and only a few select schools offer accredited courses in this domain.

5. Political Science

Contrary to people’s views, political science students do not become politicians. They may if they choose to but that is not the purpose of the course. A student enrolled in an online Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree in political science learns how to understand and analyze political systems, thoughts, and behavior.

With an accredited degree in political science, students can then offer solutions to political and social problems affecting their fellow citizens. They do this by practicing as paralegals, politicians, political analysts, and university professors.

People lead busy lives today. If they plan on pursuing a degree, they may lack the time to attend traditional brick-and-mortar schools. This is where online learning comes in. Unfortunately, the perception that this mode of learning is only suitable for certain degree programs still persists. The five degrees mentioned above prove that any course can be taught and learned online. It is up to an individual to pursue whichever he or she sees fit.


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