Everyone knows that social media has an impact on search rankings. And all businesses are doing their best to leverage social media for enhancing their position on the search engine results page. But unless you know exactly what you are doing and make sure that you are doing it right, it is possible that your social media strategies may actually be hurting your search rankings, than doing it any good.

Here are the 3 social media mistakes you could be making and perhaps, you are not even aware of them. Time now to put an end to them.

social media mistakes

3 Social Media Mistakes that HURTS Your Search Ranking

1. You are Focusing on the Wrong Things
Often the excitement of using social media for search rankings is so high that you are inadvertently focusing on the wrong things. You are perhaps wondering how many tweets in a day should you send out or at what intervals you should plan your Facebook posts. While these are no doubt important aspects in the long run, your initial focus always needs to be on your content and of course the value you are adding to the community via social media. It does not really matter how often you post (though of course, the gaps should not be too long) so long as you post something that is interesting and relevant. Such content garners more social shares and recommendations, which are positive signals for SEO.

2. You are Spreading Yourself too Thin on Social Media
Either because of the general social media buzz or because everyone is on social media, you think it is a good idea to get on every social media platform out there. And once that is done, what next? No clue? Well no one said, that being present on social media magically bumps up your rankings. You have to have a well defined strategy. And naturally, your returns will be maximum only if you choose the social media with care…the places where your audience is most likely to be present. When you spread yourself too thin on social media by registering your presence on all possible social media platforms, naturally, your focus gets diluted. No single social media site will get the attention and the planned strategy it requires to make an impact. And the result of course is no increase in your search rankings.

3. You are Using Social Media Solely as a Promotional Platform
Using social media solely to promote your business, your company and your brand all the time is not the right approach and will actually work negatively for you. Social media is well, a social platform and you need to focus on interacting with the community- your peers, niche influences and of course customers. You do this by participating in discussions, commenting on their posts, offering to help and resolve queries when you can. Most importantly, you must share others’ content, so that they will share yours. Also if you are privy to any special industry information, share it. This enhances your online reputation and social authority, which has a positive impact on your rankings.

Have you made any of these mistakes with your social media strategies?