3 Most Popular Free Email Servers of 2014


Free email servers provide for valuable services to mankind in general and for their users in particular – these systems are at the heart of information and communication technology necessary for communicating messages, sharing information, and collaborating on projects, among other functions. Without these free-of-charge email servers, the world as we know it will cease to exist.

Most Popular Free Email Servers


The Standard version is the free mail server of MailEnable Pty Ltd. one of the clients chosen by many of the world’s largest hosting companies for their hosted email, collaboration and synchronisation solutions. Its features and functions including impressive webmail, strong security measures, and fast mobile connectivity, among others, have made MailEnable one of the best free email servers in the industry. Each user-enterprise with rave reviews about the free mail server cements its reputation so much so that it is overtaking many of the leaders like Postfix and Sendmail.

MailEnable also provides for paid mail servers like the Professional, Enterprise and Enterprise versions but the Standard version is an excellent way to test its waters, so to speak. Downloading and installing the Standard version is easy because of the intuitive interface and step-by-step guide – just select and click “Next” after every option, for example.

The features and functions of MailEnable that makes it stand out from the crowd of free email servers are:

• Mobile connectivity, which allows access of contacts, appointments and messages on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets anytime and anywhere since the files are stored “in the Cloud”

• Real-time synchronisation of changes made between mobile devices and desktop computers, thus, ensuring updated information when and where necessary; this is made possible via ActiveSync, SyncML, and WebDAV, among others

• Connection with Microsoft Outlook via the MAPI Connector, which means that users can bring their server-hosted calendar, contact and task lists to their Outlook client on the desktops; changes in both the webmail and Outlook are also communicated via real-time.

Other features that many competitors-cum-free email servers are working to equal but cannot in full measures are its effective administration application, its fully functional list server, and its extensive security measures, to name a few more. Suffice it to say that MailEnable enables its users to maximise their potentials in relation to their usage of a free mail server that may or may not result in the transition to the paid versions of the email server.


Postfix is one of the more popular free email servers with approximately 23% of reachable mail servers on the Internet using it. Such popularity comes from its nature as a free and open-source mail transfer agent, which routes and delivers email in an effective and efficient way.

But herein lies one of its weak points – Postfix has a limited number of MTA features so it must rely on third-party extensions for the rest of its functionality. For example, it must be combined with mailing list software like Mailman to deliver to become a high-performance parallelised engine for mail delivery.

Nonetheless, Postfix deserves attention as one of the best free email servers in the industry today so get it on your shortlist when choosing the best of the best free mail server for your own enterprise.


Sendmail supports several types of email transfer and deliver methods including SMTP and is, thus, used as a general purpose internetwork mail routing facility. Today, it is used as both proprietary and free software, which partly explains its popularity.

The mail server has its pros and cons. On one hand, it creates effective message queues with the appropriate authorizations, uses OS X that makes maximising its features easy, and it allows for greater control over relays via its Enabler feature. On the other hand, it is not check-summed, its configuration options are limited, and its Enabler has a default setting of a semi-open relay.

Which of these free email servers is the best? Well, it depends on your requirements in a mail server but it must be said that taking the guessing game out of the equation will facilitate your decision – go for the server with a strong customer service system like MailEnable, for example.

Author Bio:
Peter Fregon is one of the founders of MailEnable Pty. Ltd. and currently works as the product services manager. He believes that outgoing email server can be a great asset for a company, and understands the critical nature of email communication.


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