25 Coding Standards to be Followed when Designing a website


Website is a common place that represents a business or a product on the internet so it should be said the internet identity of a business, person, service or product. There are so many website being created every day and so many people are interested in having a website but did you know that incomplete website will not be useful for your any purpose regarding business, person, service or product. This will minimize the popularity and will not leave good professional impression on all online users because the website has no value of its own if it is not created attentively and if the coding standards are broken.

Web DevelopmentJust creating a website is not all for your business success. It should be good, impressive and should work perfectly because the website is commonly considered as a way to describe your company’s potential and your dignity. If you would have an impressive website than more and more people would like to join you but if your website has so many mistakes in coding or performances that could be caused by ignoring the common Coding standards, it will impact reverse on the customers and it is not good for your online business.

If you want to make online identity as reputed online business owner than you should follow the Coding standards or should get a website designed that follows the Coding standards. Here are some tips for you to make a website perfect with obeying the rules of Coding standards.

1. You should know how and when to use comments in the coding to make coding work easier.
2. Tabs and spaces are important thing in coding, giving too much space can ruin the entire coding or a part of code could be destroyed.
3. There should be no spelling and using mistakes in variables and functions. It is most important part because thru variables and functions, you define where to work or what to work.
4. You should write the code in the coding style and not a writing style. It is necessary for some codes to work and it is good for better understandings.
5. It should look good and well developed in your browser.
6. A proper Doctype should always be used for standards mode in your browser.
7. All markups should be defined as UTF-8 and it should be designated in both HTTP header and the head of the document
8. P element should be used for paragraphs instead of multiple BR tags.
9. The list form items should be defined in a UL, OL, or DL, and never a set of DIVs or Ps
10. Do not use size elements or attributes on your input fields.
11. Cursor: pointer; coding should be used for association of input field.
12. Use html comment when you are closing some Div tags. It is important to indicate that the element of function coding is closing.
13. Never use tables for Page Layouts. It ruins the page structures.
14. Add CSS thru external files. Adding external CSS allows you to get clear coding and it can be edited or defined easily.
15. You should use IDs instead of using classes inside the documents if the element needs to be added only once.
16. You should avoid the CSS sectors. For example, avoid * wildcard sector and never qualify the ID sectors. This should be specially used in Web applications where speed is counted in paramount and there could be thousands or even multiplying value of DOM elements.
17. CSS and browser-based box model knowledge is necessary to complete the Coding standards rules of a website.
18. You should give unique elements an ID attributes. It is important to give them a separate identity.
19. Class Name should be according to its work. It is good for better understanding.
20. Regular expression knowledge is good for defining attribute sectors.
21. Combinators are used to provide the shortcuts for selecting elements and it is good for quick coding editing or writing.
22. You should use the specific code for attaching browser compatibility CSS.

For example,

<!--[if lt IE 7 ]> <body class="ie6"> <![endif]-->
<!--[if IE 7 ]>    <body class="ie7"> <![endif]-->
<!--[if IE 8 ]>    <body class="ie8"> <![endif]-->
<!--[if IE 9 ]>    <body class="ie9"> <![endif]-->

23. Use “CSS sprites generously” for making hover states easily. it gives quick hover state coding so that you can work little faster.
24. PNG Sliced images should be used so that you can get a desired look with low burden on website.
25. Default link should be different than your text styling so that it could look different than basic text. The hover coding should be used on every link and the hover style should be different than normal text styling.

If you are using the codes of Java Script in your website then you should check if the code is working properly or not. If the code is not working then remove it instantly because a useless code can create some problems in coding.

The website should be checked from checking tools but self-observation is most important thing that should not be left for some other time. Coding is a simple but tangled task because it can be problematic due to smallest errors so you should check your website for coding errors.

Never miss to notice the Patterns to be used and Patterns to be avoided in the coding of your website. It will be good for quick and reliable coding. Code formatting should never be left undone. The page that has followed the Coding standards will load quickly.

Coding standards is useful for search engines to read or find your website pages and it is called Search Engine Friendly website. This type of websites is easier to read or to see for those who different browsers or devices. This will support almost all kind of browser so that you can get browser compatibility and devices compatibility feature with Coding standards.

The website which was created attentively will have a nice look and would be easier to upgrade as web technology advances. The Coding standards are not costly to follow. Using them will give you the facility of cheaper maintenance. You cannot ignore the look of the website because it is the most important thing for viewing purposes.


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