Acclaimed for its object-oriented, dynamic and reflective nature, Ruby is one of the most powerful and popular platforms amongst web app developers. It often comes handy due to its capability of developing web applications at ease with the help of best Ruby frameworks.

Serving the developer community for almost 20 years, Ruby positions to number 13th on the TIOBE programming community index. It is one single platform that allows the app developers to do their job of creating different types of applications.

The best Ruby Frameworks

List of the Best Ruby Frameworks for You

In order to allow the framework to utilize the best of its capabilities, some of the best Ruby frameworks have contributed a lot. Let’s have a look at some of the handpicked collections of Ruby framework which are sure to bring  benefits for your business:

1. Padrino

Padrino Ruby Framework

Built on the Sinatra web library, Padrino makes it easy and fun to create advanced web applications. Sinatra is a DSL that allows creating simple web applications with minimal effort. Similarly, coding advanced web applications at ease is quite easy by utilizing Sinatra philosophies and foundations. It is one of the best Ruby web frameworks.

2. Cuba

Cuba Ruby Framework

Originally incepted by Rum, Cuba serves as a robust yet tiny mapper for Rack applications. It is a microframework for all Ruby app developers. This Ruby framework is quite elegant in the constitution and is supported with clean coding.

Being a real-time application, Cuba can be used for creating eCommerce websites and landing pages.

3. Scorched

Scorched is a lightweight web framework. It comes with a powerful set of constructs that are used for processing HTTP requests. This framework functions for applications of any scale to deliver robustly, focused, and less cluttered websites.

The framework is compatible with Ruby 2.0 and above versions. It is designed with simple design philosophy, and the Ruby framework is quite lean and generic. A thoughtful and simple design is encouraged by the web framework that makes it exceptionally elegant.

4. Hanami

Earlier named as Lotus, Hanami brings back the era of object-oriented programming to web development. It is a web framework known for its simplicity, fewer DSLs, and minimum conventions.

It is a standalone web framework and is amongst the best picks for web app developers. Being lightweight and with less monkey patching, it leverages stable API, minimal DSL, and plain objects altogether with a different approach. The framework has been devised to create lightweight apps that require less memory than other Ruby web frameworks.

5. Grape

Grape Ruby Framework

One of the recently launched Ruby frameworks for app developers, Grape is a microframework. It allows developers to run a rack by creating simple DSL that will easily provide restful API’s.

It is quite easy to create lightweight APIs using this framework. The framework has been created in support for common conventions like multiple formats, for instance, or prefix restriction.

Being open access and free platform application, Grape is easily accessible to everyone.


NYNY Ruby Framework

NYNY ruby framework provides developers a micro web framework for testing applications of modern-day browsers. It features a Rack middleware that can be used inside Sinatra, Rails or other Rack-based applications.

It is featured with all the core functionalities and is rich in productivity to make the development task much easier.

7. Crêpe

Crepe Ruby Framework

Crêpe is another small Ruby framework that helps in creating simple APIs without requiring much effort. It is quite simple in UI, has lesser weight, and is also preferable for amateur or non-technical programmers. It features a receptive interface, lightweight appearance, and simple instructions that make the functionality highly powerful.

8. Nancy

Nancy Ruby Framework

Nancy is a minimally designed Ruby framework for developers. It is highly influenced by guilleiguaran and is a perfect pick among tech-savvy developers. It is featured with the same route functionality as that of Sinatra.

9. Celluloid

Celluloid Ruby Framework

Celluloid is a concurrent object framework for Ruby that allows the creation of multithreaded programs as easily as you can create sequential programs out of regular objects. Multithreaded Ruby programs can easily be created via Celluloid.

10. Hobbit

Hobbit Ruby Framework

A minimalistic microframework, Hobbit is encoded with Ruby and is designed on top of Rack to ensure compatibility with standard and simple Ruby modules.

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Given above are the collection of some outstanding Ruby frameworks that have earned great value in delivering best-in-class web and app development. The framework gives the developer the opportunity to upgrade their skills effortlessly and quickly. It is quite easier to deliver quick web applications using these best Ruby frameworks.

Why not give a try to these and let us know how it worked for your business.


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