Tuesday, January 24, 2017

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Communication app

4 Features to Look for in a Company Communication App

You can come up with the best plans and strategies to make your company grow, but those won't matter much if your people can't...
Project managers lives and work

How to Become a Project Manager?

Being able to lead and inspire the team, manage projects, generate new ideas and implementing them – these are some essential skills you need...
science india viteee

Science in India and VITEEE

India ranks third among the most attractive investment destinations for science and technology in the world. Some institues like VIT are taking admission through...
Remove DRM from itunes movies

AppleMacSoft DRM Removal Software Review

Are you want to have your DRM protected movies purchases and rentals played on any computers, players and any portable devices? Then there is...
Mobile insurance

What and How of Mobile Insurance?

If you have got yourself a new mobile phone, you might have come across dealers trying to sell you mobile insurance. Do you need...