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I find that it is important to know some of the aspects of backlink research that were relevant before Yandex decided to wage a war against the SEO backlinks.

First of all, it is very difficult to find the proper request for the so-called “ruler”; a request that would show the overall difference between anchor ranking of various backlinks for a sole acceptor. One should build an issuance using a somewhat small amount of documents, which come close to being relevant. Finding such requests is only possibly through the use of common words.

Backlink sanctioning was also somewhat interesting, Through experience, one could make an interesting conclusion that could describe worthwhile possibilities of gathering the needed info regarding search results. Some backlinks used to qualify as bad. If the number of bad backlinks was exceeding a certain threshold, the result could lead to a post-fine, decreasing the value of the request relevancy to a minimal level. Still, these sanctions did not apply to all the requests and rather only for the ones, in which the overall quantity of the bad backlinks was exceedingly big.

Backlinks & Minusinsk Algorithm

Yandex Minusinsk Algorithm

Generally speaking, the sanctions that are currently imposed by the Minusinsk algorithm could be compared to the post-fines that were used for exceeding the overall threshold of bad quality backlinks, but this time around the algorithm also affects all requests. Still, we cannot say for sure what happened to the SEO backlinks records as it is a very controversial question. The staff members of Yandex assure us that they are fully capable of recognizing nearly 99% of all the paid backlinks and they can no longer have any impact on the ranking system. Nevertheless, most SEO experts still consider that the influence is very big and one just needs to learn more about obtaining the right backlinks on the market. The two opinions are very different and imply different approaches to creating the backlink mass. The first one suggest searching for donors that are capable of offering backlinks that will not be qualified as SEO backlinks. The second one implies doing business on the backlink exchange market. One way or the other, we shall learn the effectiveness of both approaches in the near future. One thing is certain – Minusinsk algorithm changes the rules of the game so the SEO experts will need to adapt to new conditions.