XNSPY Could Redefine the Cell Phone Monitoring Spectrum


Let’s talk about a new parenting app—XNSPY. I’ve been using it meticulously for over a week now, so its time I review it for you guys. It’s a software that lets parents look through their kid’s calls, texts, and internet browsing history, installed apps and GPS location. Basically, if you want to keep tabs on your kid, XNSPY is for you. I thought it was a pretty well-rounded cell phone monitoring, one that might give competitors a run for their money. But let me walk you through it first.

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Installing XNSPY

Basic process: you purchase the app from the website, you install it on the phone you wish to monitor. The problem that might occur is that you’d have to manually install the app on your kid’s phone. Which could get tricky if you’re planning to be sneaky about it. But if you’re sure you can get hold of your kid’s phone for a couple of minutes without them knowing, this shouldn’t be a problem.


So what do you do after the app has been installed on their phone? You begin your mobile monitoring. You do this by going to the XNSPY Control Panel, which you can even access from your laptop. I found this part to be very convenient. You have to sign in your account first, but after that, it is pretty easy to use. It has tabs and buttons for all your features, so navigating won’t be very difficult. It also gives you the option to toggle features on/off. So if you don’t want to monitor, say Skype because your child hardly uses it, you can simply toggle it off.

The Features

So there’s a lot you can do with this mobile monitoring software, but let me give you a list

  • Monitor Calls
  • Monitor phonebook
  • Monitor SMS
  • Monitor IMs
  • Monitor internet browsing
  • View GPS location
  • View installed apps
  • View stored multimedia
  • Remotely handle phone

These features are enough for a parent to judge what a kid does on their smartphones.

The Catch

XNSPY is unfortunately not available for Blackberry users. But the app is still very new, so hopefully, they’ll update it with a Blackberry compatible version soon.

I also couldn’t find a way to look through Twitter DMs or Instagram, so I’m hoping they up their social media monitoring game soon, too.

Would I Buy XNSPY?

Honestly, yes I would. Cell phone monitoring apps don’t usually come with functionality as sophisticated as this one. Also, it delivers exactly what it advertises so you don’t have to worry about its performance. It is definitely a more refined app than its contemporaries. So if you’re looking for a good parental control, I’d say get XNSPY.


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