Xiaomi Mi Band is a fitness tracking wrist band that monitors your fitness activities and tracks your sleep. It is featured with the most powerful Bluetooth chip and accelerometer and the Xiaomi Mi Band can be charged upto 30 days if you once charge it. This is easily supported on iPhone IOS as well.

Xiaomi Mi Band smart bracelet

How Xiaomi MI band should be maintained:

  1. Keep it away from the vapor

Always remember that you need to keep this wrist band away from vapor. If you are taking shower in hot water then kindly do not wear it. Also the waterproof rating for this mi band is IP67, the vapor will enter into the MI band and cause some harms.

  1. Do not leave the band in water contact for long

When you wash your hands Xiaomi MI band remain wet and if the water stay in the mi band for a long time, MI band may damage after a long time being in water contact. The regardless of the fact that waterproof rating for MI band is IP67even you cannot swim while wearing it. So better take off.

  1. Charging the Xiaomi MI band when its battery is not fully empty.

It is advised that we should charge this if the battery is upto 33%.

Phone calls reminding function.

Along with the MI4, MI3 or Hongmi Note 4G Version, you can discover several funny stuffs from it. The things like 30 days duration, waterproof, automatic looking for itself and you can unlock your phone without a password. So if you buy it do and enjoy having this wristband.

Whenever you are in a sleeping condition, Xiaomi band smartly start its function of recording your sleeplike how much you sleep. It has automatic sleep monitoring and its silent vibration alarm make you awake without disturbing any people present in your room.

All in all you can keep the record of your daily activities like steps you have taken, distance but it cannot record your heart rate.

Specification of Xiaomi Mi band

Water-Proof: IP67 professional level
Color: Black, White
Display: LED light
Power Charging: USB Cable
Bluetooth: Bluetooth 4.0
Function: MIUI Unlock
Fitness Level Monitor
Sleeping Quality Tracking
Smart Alarm
History Data
Seek Mi Band
LED Light Color setting
Work on both hands
Total Distance Display
Average Daily Steps
Running IOS System
Battery capacity and life 41mAh lithium-ion battery
Standby Time: 30 Days

Material Surface: Aluminium
Shell: Makrolon
Wristband Button: Aluminium
Wristband: IPSiV
Size Length: 157-205 mm
Net Weight: 13 g
Main Part: 5.0g
Package 1 x Mi Band

You can see that the wearable technology is providing the endless fun with its functional nature. So the Xioami Mi Band will monitor your daily activities without fail.