An attractive headline form an integral part of every blog post. If you’re able to come up with an alluring headline, half of your work is done. Simply by looking at your blog’s headline, visitors will choose to go through everything that’s been published by you and will likely return to your site on a frequent basis. Since headline is the very first thing that your visitors are going to notice about your site, it’s crucial for you to make sure the same is drafted in a wise manner. You need to be extra careful in choosing a headline for your blog, as it would decide the visitors count for your site.

How to write an alluring headline for blog post?

Reading this blog will allow you to grab best tips that can be followed for creating amazing headline for blog post. So, let me walk you through these tips and hopefully you’ll enjoy each tip as it’s being explained in this write-up.

Tip#1- Grab an idea from accessing tabloid headlines

shocking headlines

Going through popular tabloids will allow you to get an idea about headlines that’ll suit your blog. Study the headlines that are covered in popular magazines/journals and you’ll start noticing the common words, phrases and topics that can be used quite effectively in drafting your blog’s headline. Save yourself from the hassles of guessing and testing and just start imitating headlines that are available in popular tabloids and celebrity magazines.

Here’s an example of a journal heading I’ve reframed into a blog headline:

Marriage Tell-All: The Shocking facts behind marriage”

“Blog Marketing Tell All: The Shocking Reasons Your blog isn’t getting visitors”

Tip#2- Try insult headlines

Let’s accept it guys! Insulting headlines actually work wonders for your blogging website. A headline that slaps the reader’s ego is definitely an effective tool for retaining his/her attention. The only thing you need to make sure is not overusing these insult headlines because it may alienate your blog visitors, driving them away from your site. Here are a few examples of blog headings that have been created, keeping EGO blaster aspect in mind:

“10 Reasons your Online Marketing Campaign sucks”

“6 reasons no one is reading your Tweets”

Tip#3- Try “Issue Resolved” Headline

solutions to a problem

Although this headline is a bit challenging to pull off, if done in the right manner it can really help you drive a good traffic for your blog. To come up with an “Issue Resolved” headline, all you need to do is simply identify the problem that’s been bothering your readers and tell them that your blog post will offer a proven solution for it. Here are a few examples of blog headlines created after keeping the “Issue Resolved” aspect in mind:

“How to use Online Marketing for your business benefit”

“How to set up your blog in just 30 minutes”

Tip#4- Try “Instant Gratification” Headline

instant gratification bonus

Instant gratification has always worked best for gathering the attention of blog readers. Including words such as “in just 6 days”, “as early as TODAY”, “instant”, “definite” etc. within blog headlines has always impressed visitors and played a crucial role in keeping them engaged to the site. Since people are more interested in grabbing faster solutions to their problems, using such words in blog headlines will turn advantageous, inspite of minimal effort.

Tip#5- Try “Breaking News” Headline

breaking news

This is indeed one of the most effective headline for blog post. Irrespective of all the categories your blog contains, it’s quite simple to find hot topics that are capable of making many eyebrows raise. You may choose to include the “Breaking News” headlines for your blog and keep readers engaged on your site. Internet users are always on a look out for blogs/articles that render information about all the latest happenings in specific fields of work and choosing a “Breaking News” headline for your blog will help you in getting noticed over the web.

Summing Up

So, these were the tips, which if followed seriously can allow you to write impressive and alluring headline for your blog post and help you attain maximum readership.

If you want to add something to the above tips, please don’t hesitate in using the comments box below.