Cupertino fans always have something to do. Either they remain busy with night outs for their beloved device like as of iPhone 6, or they keep discussing about the next generation. It’s not a long back for the iPad Air 2 to get unveiled, and the rumour mills have enough for the next generation, the iPad Air 3.

Wait for October:
iPad Air 3 is even in its pre inception stage. Maximum possibilities hold that the product might hit the shelves during coming year. It means all we can follow is the conventional release pattern of Apple. Taking this as the reference, the latest iPad Air Slate may be getting unveiled during October, 2015. Nothing has been made official about the specifications as well, but the fans have enough faith these days on rumour mill churn outs.

Both the iPad Air 1 and iPad Air 2 were put the wraps off in October (through iPad Air 1 was made available for business during November). Some baffles are there regarding its name of course. iPad Air 3 after iPad Air 2 looks quite straight and simple. However, iPad 7 can be another possible naming option as well.

iPad Air 3

A9X on a roll:
We are much likely to see a few updates for the next generation iPad Air. Starting from designing perfection, enhanced snapper, to processing speed everything is expected to be fine-tuned. Reportedly, the device is going to be packed with A9 or A9X processor this time.

With the iPad Air 2 Apple hiked the snapping level along some excellent features like panorama, timer pattern, etc. Anyway, the device witnessed nothing new in terms of front facing option. Cupertino plans for giving something more to iPad Air 3 this time. Reportedly, the product might pack a 10 MP option at the main end along a 3 MP front facing shooter for selfies.

Most likely: Face recognition
Cupertino has proved earlier that it pays all due respect for the wish lists of fans. The one that is desired by many has been seen to be there with the product. This time as well it has to deal with something. Believing the sources this time face recognition is topping the wish list. It is obviously not going to be a tough task as Apple is already aware of the Touch ID technology. Yes, it is expected to be made available with some more enhancements this time.

Cupertino paying extra attention for display:
This is the aspect where Apple would certainly want to improve, especially after some disappointments reported with iPad Air 2. Mainly, Cupertino fans are expecting a much powerful battery this time to cope well with the bigger display. Being specific, the iPad Air 3 is also hoped to keep up with the 9.7 inches display trend.

Though iPad Air 3 will be an enhanced device, still Apple won’t mind to make it available with almost the same tag. Like always, this is also expected to come in 16 GB, 32 GB 64 GB and 128 GB storage variants. The 16 GB can be expected to be bagged at about £400, £480 for 64 GB, and the 128 GB is expected to be of anywhere around £660.