We all love music and present time technology makes it possible to keep favorite music in our pocket. We all use tech gadgets like Smartphone, Tablet and Laptop etc. for different purpose but commonly listen to music as favorite time pass. All tech gadgets comes with pros and cons. For music lovers if tech gadget is not able to produce enough sound to listen to music then we can understand importance of external speaker. But all external speakers can’t be pocket size so what to do? Is there any choice to purchase pocket size mini speakers? Yes, you can go for Wireless Bluetooth 4.0 speakers to enhance musical output.

Hereunder are the popular choices for you –

Xiaomi Wireless Bluetooth 4.0 Speaker

Xiaomi wireless bluetooth 4.0 speaker

Xiaomi Bluetooth speaker can be a perfect choice of anyone who needs speakers. This speaker support latest Bluetooth 4.0+EDR technology to connect various devices. You can charge battery with Micro USB cable or 5V AC adapter; yes you have this choice for easy charging. One lag is there, you can’t charge it while playing music, means you can’t use it while it’s being charged.

If we technically look at this, 1200mAh Li-battery can play music up to 10 hours. It supports distance of 10m without obstacles.

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Xiaomi Mini Wireless Bluetooth 4.0 Speaker

Xiaomi Mini wireless bluetooth 4.0 speaker

In series of mini speakers Xiaomi Mini Bluetooth 4.0 Speaker features all the cutting edge Bluetooth capabilities such as incoming call handling. High capacity 2000mAh Polymer Li-ion, 3.7V battery is rechargeable and supports playback up to 12 hours on a single charge.

Just activate Bluetooth mode and you can use Xiaomi Mini Speaker to answer or reject incoming calls. Built-in Mic provide unseamed phone quality conversation for handsfree calls, which is really awesome feature.

You can wirelessly connect Laptop, PC, Tablet PC, Smartphones, iPod, iPhone, PSP, MP4 and MP5. Its range is up to 10m without obstacles. It takes 4 hours for complete charging.

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Huawei AM08 Little Swan Wireless Bluetooth 4.0 CSR Speaker

Huawei am08 little swan wireless bluetooth 4.0 speaker

To enjoy music and use handsfree communication with a stylish and portable speaker, you can buy HUAWEI AM08 Little Swan Wireless Bluetooth 4.0 CSR speaker. It’s a pocket size mini speaker and you can carry it easily and enjoy musical moments.

Swan like smooth look and piano bakes lacquer coating keeps an impeccable company of the surroundings anywhere anytime. You can hear 360 degree HD surround sound effect, superior voice ambience and naturalness, appreciated by magnetic circuit made of AL-Fe-B materials.

High sensitivity microphone offers handsfree calls to make your driving more safe. 700mAh rechargeable lithium battery provide playback time up to 4 hours. You can connect devices like Bluetooth-enabled media players, smartphone, iPod, iPhone and other Android devices up to range of 10m without obstacles.

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