Technology makes it more convenient to watch videos & movies on mobile devices. But I believe that DVD fans, like me, are also fond of purchasing lots of favorite DVD movie. I personally have collected tons of wonderful DVDs, for instance, 2012, The Princess and the Frog, Transformers, Man of Steel, Hunger Game, etc. And for many purposes, we may need a DVD backup software. And WinX DVD Copy Pro is just the kind of DVD c lone software that can meet almost all the demands of DVD backup with 9 DVD copy modes that will be introduced in details in the following text.

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winx dvd copy pro box

WinX DVD Copy Pro is specially designed for Windows users to make a digital copy and DVD disc copy of any DVDs, incl. DVDs with Disney’s fake and severely scratched DVDs. With the recent great improvements in DVD burning module, it can clone DVDs with much faster speed and high quality videos.

9 DVD Copy Modes:

1. Clone DVD to DVD Disc for safe storage to protect the original DVD disc from scratching or losing.
2. Copy DVD to ISO image for playing without DVD disc, later burning or ripping.
3. Copy DVD to MPEG file with intact content for playback in PS3, HTPC, etc.
4. Copy DVD to VIDEO-TS folder for further usage in media center.
5. Copy DVD chapter – only back up a certain range of chapter.
6. Copy Video only from DVD for further editing.
7. Copy Audio only from DVD and use as ringtone.
8. Mount DVD ISO image to a virtual drive, and burn ISO image to DVD
9. Mount DVD ISO image to a virtual drive, and burn VIDEO-TS folder to DVD.

A brief Tutorial of WinX DVD Copy Pro.

Step 1: Download and install this DVD clone software according to the instruction.

Step 2: Run this program and choose one DVD cloning scheme from the left part of the Interface. Here I choose “Clone DVD to ISO”.

Step 3: Click the first Browse to import source DVD disc or DVD folder that you want to clone. And set the path of Target ISO.

Step 4: Click “Run” button to begin copying.

Software GUI ScreenShot

For the detailed tutorials, please refer to

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