Why is School Important: 15 Reasons Why Do We Go to School

We have heard since our childhood that we must go to school. Sometimes, our parents even have to push us for this. All of us know what is school, but at some point, we all wonder why is school important, why schooling is important, and why do we go to school.

Well, there are many reasons for this. Apart from providing education, schools play an essential role in a child’s psychological, mental, and social development. It may sometimes feel annoying to follow the same schedule every day and complete a dozen homework, but it all makes sense once school ends.

The repetitive work, time-bound schedule, and hard work pay off when we reach later stages of our lives. It makes lives more comfortable and provides us with enough fortune to give back to society and help the underprivileged.

School opens many doors to opportunity. The one who misses school can lose other chances to grow and develop as a well-mannered and successful person.

This article will discuss the importance of school and the importance of education in life.

Why is School Important in Our Life?

Why is school important

We cannot determine or calculate the importance of schooling based only on monetary success and degrees. Schools are also essential for developing a child’s personality and teaching him/her how to handle real-life challenges.

A well-educated person gets a chance to improve his life’s quality and make the right decisions. Here are some points to throw light on why is going to school important.

Gaining More Knowledge

A school is a place where we learn about the importance of education in life. The wide range of subjects (like mathematics, science, history, geography, literature, etc.) allows us to learn different languages and receive knowledge about other parts of the world.

It also gives young minds a chance to narrow down which subject they like the most and find their passion in life.

Required for Higher Education

Once a child has completed schooling, he can pursue higher education to open more doors of opportunities. It will help him follow his passion and lead a comfortable and fulfilling life. Higher education will give him specialization in his chosen field and enhance his skills.

Better Employment Opportunities

Money is essential for living a healthy and fulfilling life. It sure can’t buy happiness, but it will buy things that will make your life easier and comfortable. The higher educational qualification will lead you to higher-paying jobs.

Schooling is an essential and fundamental step towards getting a higher education. In its absence, a child can stick to entry-level jobs or low-paying jobs. These jobs usually have increased competition and can fulfill the primary necessities of a person. But it will not provide him with more opportunities to grow and prosper in life.

Increase Your Income

As we discussed, highly educated people get the opportunity to get better-paying jobs. These jobs fulfill the basic requirements of the person and help lead a comfortable life.

If you work hard to gain knowledge and learn more skills in school, everything else will become easier later in life. Even most employers pay according to the skill sets and qualifications you have earned along your educational journey. The better you have performed or invested time in gaining knowledge, the higher you have a chance to score.

Living a Well-Off and Comfortable Life

Living a prosperous and comfortable life is another reason why is it important to go to school. Everything from primary education to high-paying jobs leads to happiness. It will give a person enough financial security and resources to invest in the business and buy luxuries like an elegant apartment or a dream car.

Having financial security can help anyone secure his family’s future and provide them a stable environment for their mental well-being.

Develop Critical Problem-Solving Skills

One day we have to leave our parent’s home and become independent. When we do that, we have to make all our decisions ourselves and face life challenges. The one who has gone to school and spent days learning and gaining knowledge can independently handle life situations.

The school trains us to develop efficient critical thinking and teaches us problem-solving skills to deal with daily life challenges. A well-educated person will also find it easy to take care of his family and provide for them as an adult.

Why is School Important to Our Society?

Why do we go to school

The importance of schooling is not limited only to personal growth, but it also impacts the community. A well-educated person can indulge in different fields like arts, literature, science, and technology and contribute to the well-being and development of society.

Below are some points that will shed light on the importance of schools in the community –

Educated Society

Learning different skills and gaining knowledge about various topics contribute to making a modern society. This knowledge makes us aware of the traditions, culture, and history of the region (where you belong) and helps us differentiate between right and wrong.

A well-educated person can also lead society on the right path and fight for underprivileged people’s rights.


We gain knowledge on various topics in schools, including different cultures and traditions found across other regions of the world. This knowledge educates young minds and develops a sense of equality in them.

These young minds grow up to be great leaders and contribute to society and the whole country. They can educate others, stop the wrong-doings, and push others on the right path. A well-educated person appreciates people belonging to different regions and backgrounds and teaches others to do the same.

Giving Back to Society

The ones who have gone to school know about the different problems faced by society and understand the need for a stable community. These bright minds can indulge in projects from various fields and contribute to the development of society as a whole.

Economic Growth and Development

As discussed above, a well-educated and skilled person has more chances of getting high-paying jobs. These high wage earners can contribute more to the development of society by paying tax regularly.

A society having a higher number of high wage earners will have better money circulation. It will produce more jobs and give a boost to economic growth.

Why is School Important for Socialization?

Why schooling is important

Socialization educates young minds about values, cultures, attitudes, beliefs, and other criteria of a particular culture. It also teaches us different behaviors and about which ones are appropriate or standard at societal and individual levels. Mainly it is classified into two groups: Primary and Secondary Socialization.

In Primary Socialization, a child learns about different behaviors and social aspects from his/her family. Here, the child learns to socialize, acquires his first language, learn about his individual personality, and develops cognitive skills. The family also teaches him cultural valuations and specific social roles.

In Secondary Socialization, the child learns about different behaviors and social aspects when he/she joins the school. The family is the only factor influencing the actions of the child (at primary socialization). But when he enters school and gets in touch with teachers and fellow children, he develops social interaction skills.

Manners and Discipline

When a child joins the school, he follows a strict routine, which develops discipline in him. He learns to obey and respect the school authority because he knows that he will be punished for not following the instructions. A similar behavior makes the child a law-abiding citizen when he grows up.

The importance of school is not limited to here. The institution also contributes to making a child emotionally, socially, and intellectually skilled.

Why is School Important in Child Development?

Importance of schooling

Today’s children are tomorrow’s adults. They can contribute more to the coming future and make it a safe place to live. But for this, they must have the right skill sets and knowledge. It is where the importance of schooling comes in.

A child gets a balanced education in the school, which is beneficial for promoting his mental and psychological growth. Here, the child learns academics, and it also develops a wide range of life skills (such as teamwork, unity, responsibility, sharing, and good manners) in him. Below are some points on the importance of school for a child’s development.

Develop Mental Abilities

Children get a chance to gain knowledge on various topics when they join the school. They usually learn about multiple fields of education like psychology, literature, history, mathematics, politics, economics, etc. The wide selection of topics develops their thought process.

For example, a child studying economics will understand different aspects of finances and learn how the world functions in monetary terms. This topic teaches a child how to handle separate finances and make him financially sound.

Develop Social Skills

Children meet a different group of people (from teacher to fellow students) in the school and learn different socializing behaviors. Here, they also get exposed to different views and perceptions of teachers and other children. They learn social skills like empathy, friendship, teamwork, and assistance, which help in the development of their personality as they grow.

Increase Physical Activities

After birth, a child goes through many stages of growth, including physical development. When the child joins the school, he gets involved in different activities like exercise, sports, etc., which further develops his physical health.

For example, children often participate in the school’s sporting events like football, basketball, baseball, athletics, etc. These events may help in the further growth of the child. If you ask the world’s greatest athletes, even they’ll tell you that they developed their talents and skills in school before becoming professionals.

Overall Development

Some people think that schools are essential only for learning academics. But a child learns way more than subjects like politics, history, arts, science, etc. A school provides a wide range of interests, which helps a kid recognize his passion in the early stages of his life.

It also helps them develop an individual personality, differentiate between right or wrong, take decisions independently, and become a better person. A child learns to use his creativity and idea to build something exciting and unique.

We start learning from early stages in our lives and continue to learn throughout our lives. But the education provided at pre-school programs acts as a foundation for learning later in life. The learning process continues in senior school, but by the time he joins college, he is already prepared to face different aspects of their adult life.

Why Do We Go to School? (Summing-Up)

Everyone knows the importance of education in life, and every kid has the right to get it. We must also not forget that educated youth is the backbone of any country. It develops the overall personality of the child and develops independent thinking in them. The learning of different subjects at school helps gain knowledge and drive long-term economic development in society.

It makes the child aware of different cultures and traditions, which develop a sense of equality in them. So, we must not undervalue the importance of school.

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