Why Can’t I Add Music to My Instagram Story?

The music feature for Instagram stories is trending these days. So everybody is adding music to Instagram stories. You can also use the Instagram music sticker to get this feature on your Instagram app.

This music sticker helps you add a piece of music to your Instagram story, but sometimes you can’t find it to add a song you want to play.

After that, you think, why can’t I add music to my Instagram story and try to fix this problem.

Instagram music is not available for some accounts, but we can help you add music to your Instagram stories.

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Why can't I add music to my Instagram story
Solutions to Why Can’t I Add Music to My IG Story

Why Can’t I Add Music to My Instagram Story?

The Instagram music sticker may or may not be available on your app or country, but you can follow our tips to access this fantastic feature.

You can update your Instagram app.

You can’t only get bug fixes and performance improvement after updating your app, but also new features. For example, the Instagram music sticker may be available after updating the Instagram app.

iOS or iPadOS

    • Long press the App Store icon.
    • Tap the Updates menu.
    • Check the upcoming automatic updates.
    • Scroll down and check all pending updates.
    • Update the Instagram app.

You can also refer to these alternative ways to update Instagram app on iPhone.


    • Open the Play Store.
    • Tap on your profile icon.
    • Next, tap the Manage apps and device menu.
    • Navigate to the Manage tab.
    • Tap the Updates available button.
    • Tap the Update button given next to the Instagram app icon.

You can clear the app cache.

Clearing the app cache may help most times. So you can try clearing cache and check if you can add music to your Instagram story or not.

iOS or iPadOS

You need to delete and install the app again to clear the cache of your Instagram app.

    • Long press the app icon.
    • Tap the remove app.
    • Open the App Store.
    • Search for the Instagram app.
    • Install and open the app.


    • Open the Settings.
    • Tap the Apps menu.
    • Now, scroll down to the Instagram app and tap it.
    • Force stop the app
    • Then, tap the Storage menu.
    • Tap the Clear cache.

You can remove the Instagram app.

iOS or iPadOS

    • Long press the app icon.
    • Remove the app.


    • Long press the app icon.
    • Uninstall the app.

Reinstall the Instagram app and log in again to get the music feature to add music to your stories.

You can check the internet connectivity.

Double-check your internet connectivity, whether using cellular data or a Wi-Fi connection. Possibly, you can’t add music to your Instagram story because you have no or poor internet connection. You may use fast.com to check your internet connectivity. Ask your ISP to fix the connectivity issue.

You can use a VPN app.

The music sticker feature may not be available in your region. Unfortunately, that’s why you can’t add music to your stories.

You can use a VPN app to change your location and IP address.

This way, you can add Instagram music to your stories.

You can close the other music apps.

Spotify, Shazam, or other music apps using the phone speaker might conflict with the Instagram music feature. Then, close the other music apps and add music to your Instagram story. Check if everything works correctly for you.

You can pick a different song.

Instagram might not have listed the song you want to add to your stories. The reason for that may be the song is not popular or a fresh release. So wait for a few days to see your favorite music on the list.

You are using a business account.

Before asking someone why can’t I add music to my IG story, check if you have switched to a business account or not.

You can only add royalty-free music to an Instagram story when using a business account. That’s why the music you are looking for is not available for your stories.

In this case, you can’t do anything. Instagram’s policy for business accounts differs from personal accounts. A business account can only promote its brand, products, or services using royalty-free music.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Can’t I Put Music on My Instagram Story?

Instagram does not allow you to put music on your stories in your location. Therefore, the music sticker is not available in your country. We have already discussed the possible reasons.

Why is My Instagram Music Sticker Missing?

There may be one of the following possible reasons.

    1. Currently, you are traveling or staying where the music sticker feature is not available.
    2. You have selected a country or city using a VPN app where the music sticker is unavailable.
    3. You are using an outdated Instagram app.
    4. Other technical glitches.

How to Add Music Sticker to Instagram Story?

You can add the music sticker to your Instagram story in simple steps.

    1. Open the Instagram app.
    2. Navigate to your profile.
    3. Tap the [+] plus icon in the top bar.
    4. Tap the (+) plus icon on the pop-up menu.
    5. Select a photo from your picture gallery.
    6. Now, tap the square smiley icon in the top bar.
    7. Scroll or search for the white square music icon.
    8. You can search and pick your music here.
    9. Search or use the tabs “For You” or “Browse.”
    10. Tap the song’s album art to add the music to your story.
    11. You can also add the lyrics in different styles.
    12. You use the timeline (given at the bottom) to select a song’s verse.
    13. Tap the Done button.
    14. Finally, tap on the circled right arrow to post the Instagram story with music.

How to Add Music to Your Instagram Story without the Music Sticker?

If you got the answer to why can’t I put music on my Instagram story, let’s find alternative ways to add music to your Instagram story from Spotify, Shazam, SoundCloud, or Apple Music.

    1. Open your favorite music app.
    2. Search for a song that you want to add to your Instagram story.
    3. See the horizontal or vertical ellipsis icon on the right side of every song and tap on it.
    4. A pop-up menu appears with the Share icon. Tap on it.
    5. Now, search the Instagram app and tap on it.
    6. The cover picture of the song you want to add will appear.
    7. Tap the circled right arrow to post the music to your stories.
    8. You and your followers will see the text Play on Apple Music or other music apps with that you shared it.

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