Who Viewed My Featured Photos on Facebook?

You can share almost anything from text to photos to videos to engage with millions of other people using Facebook. They always bring something new to onboard you on the platform. Using these latest features, you can enjoy new trends. Featured Photos on Facebook is a new feature that lets you showcase your favorite photos on your profile page so your friends can see and react to them.

Eager to know who viewed your Facebook featured photos, this article will help you explore everything related to it. Wait, before exploring how to see who viewed your Featured Photos on Facebook, know about Facebook Featured Photos.

Can I see who viewed my featured photos on Facebook?

I know you are interested in knowing about Facebook Featured Viewers, but take a glance at Featured Photos first.

We all know about Instagram’s story highlight feature. In the same fashion, Facebook has introduced Featured photos. This helps you build collections of your photos to highlight them on your Facebook profile. Every person who accesses your Facebook profile can view your Facebook-featured collections.

Mind it, photos added to your featured collection on Facebook are public. Anyone who sees your profile page can view them.

Follow the steps given below to create a new collection to feature them on your FB profile:

  • Visit your Facebook profile page.
  • Tap the Edit profile button.
  • Scroll down to the Featured section.
  • Tap Edit next to it.
  • Tap the Add New button.
  • Now, pick your Stories, Camera Rolls, Uploaded Photos, or Tagged Photos.
  • Select a cover photo and add the Title to this collection.
  • Tap Done.

You can delete a Featured collection at any time.

People often search on Google– can you see who viewed your Featured Photos on Facebook? The straightforward answer is “YES.” Let’s see how.

The Featured Photos viewers are categorized as follows–

  • Viewers
  • Others

People who have viewed your Featured collection and are your friends on Facebook, you see their profile picture in the “Viewers” category. While other people who have seen your Featured Photos but aren’t your friends on Facebook, only their count appears under the “Others” category. You can’t collect any information about these anonymous viewers.

Read this exclusive article about how to see who viewed your Facebook Featured photos.

1. Sign In To Your Facebook Account

Open the Facebook app on your phone and sign in to your account.

2. Visit Your Facebook Profile

Tap your circled profile picture next to “What’s on your mind?” It opens up your Facebook profile.

Scroll down until you see the Featured section. It mostly comes after your name, details, and interests but before “Friends.” Tap one of your Featured collections. It will be expanded to full screen.

4. Tap On the Upward (^) Icon

In the bottom left corner, you see the number of viewers. Tap the upward arrow icon to see a list of viewers who have viewed your collection.

Once you tap the upward (^) icon, a list of featured viewers pops up. You can upload photos and videos to your Facebook story and add them to your collection. But after 14 days, you can’t see who viewed a story unless they interacted with it.

You can see the “Others” category after scrolling the complete list of “Viewers.” For people who are not on your Facebook friends list but have seen your Featured section, only their total number appears. You can’t see their names and profile pictures.

Now you know how to check who has viewed your featured photos on Facebook.


You can upload a collection to highlight your photos and stories as Featured. That’s how you share your memories and achievements with your profile visitors.

This article was written to educate you about how you can see the names of viewers who viewed your photo in a Featured photos collection. We also covered how you can access the list of featured viewers and much more.

I hope you got almost everything about who viewed your Featured photos on Facebook. Thus you can only see Facebook users who have seen the collection of photos.

Is anything we haven’t covered yet? Please let me know your opinions in the comment section below.


What Does “Featured Viewers” Mean on Facebook?

Featured viewers are those Facebook users who have viewed your featured stories and photos.

Why Can’t I See Who Viewed My Featured Photos on Facebook?

You can see only see your friends on the list who have interacted with your featured collection, but you can’t see those who aren’t your Facebook friends.

How to See Other Viewers on Facebook Featured Photos?

Other viewers are other Facebook users who have seen your featured collection. You can’t find out who has viewed your collection if they aren’t your Facebook friends.

Can Someone See If You View Their Facebook Featured Photos?

Yes, they can see if you viewed their Featured photos section. But the condition is that you must be their Facebook friend. If you’re not friends, they won’t be able to see anything about you.

How Long Do Featured Photos Last On Facebook?

Facebook Featured collection last forever until you manually delete it. You can delete a collection after opening it.

How to Delete Featured Photos on Facebook?

Go to your Facebook profile, scroll down to the Featured area, tap a collection, tap the meatballs menus next to your name, and tap Delete featured collection. Remember, deleting a collection doesn’t delete added photos from Facebook.

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