Where You Should Publish Content to Boost Local SEO?


Many factors are responsible to build overall trust, domain authority and search visibility. High-quality content should contain specific keywords to boost local SEO. In your article include geographic keywords into title and content body to make it more targeting.

Also, you must avoid the common content marketing mistakes that keep your users away.

Only these things are not important content sharing and proper distribution of content is also responsible to propagate content locally.

Boost Local SEO through Content Marketing


Social Networks

These networks are always a reliable source of content writing and even with writing about a certain niche that you wish to focus on. Aside from the fact that you can actively post new updates on your account, you can also share your information and topics to other businesses in the same niche. There is a big chance that they will do the same thing for you and both of you can build your businesses. Social media has the ability to allow you to grow your customer base in a flash.

Local News pages

You can also post your contents in Local News pages. The nice thing about these pages is that they are always on the lookout for new things. Your blog might be the one thing they are looking for. And this just simply means you might get the chance to have your content published. When it comes to the domain, these websites offer a lot of functionality compared to other types of websites.

Forums and Pages of Communities

These websites are pretty easy to search on the internet. Just simply type in a community’s name and there you will see what the community page has to offer. This usually numbers to a few niches and topics. And the good thing is that there is a good chance that your niche is one of these. Unfortunately, these websites do not rank high on the search levels so it is best to be choosy on which websites to post your content. Just make sure your content is very important to their visitors so they would find the interest to read through.

Community-based pages

Community-based pages are complemented by neighborhood websites where you can also post your contents. This is more focused on each neighborhood within a city or state. The best way to have your content posted on their website is to approach the administrator and ask for permission. The nice thing about it is that you can make your presence felt especially if the neighborhood has an activity planned in the near future.

Guests Blogging from other content writers

This means that you will allow permission for other writers to make their writing contributions on your blog and allow them to express their thought that is essential to your niche. On the other hand, you should be able to also post your blog contents on their blog pages to return the favor. This allows them to link with you and you with them, and would eventually generate a lot more traffic to your posts. This will let your local presence grow within your community of blogger and in the niche, you are focusing on.

Local Directories and third-party applications

You can also post your contents on Local Directories and third-party applications. This will require you to create accounts on these directories and applications so you can access them and eventually be allowed to post your writing contents. Your Local SEO will depend a lot on your presence in these accounts and would certainly benefit your blogs.


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