5 WhatsApp Tricks That You Should Use

When we are talking about WhatsApp tricks and tips, I don’t think I have to say about WhatsApp because it is a well-known messaging app.

This WhatsApp Messenger is among people’s favorite apps across all mobile platforms. As the report says, this WhatsApp handled over 30 million messages daily.

Isn’t that great? Do I have to think about WhatsApp after glancing at 30 million marks?

I don’t have to say about it, but I have to say about helpful WhatsApp tricks that work well.

The most helpful WhatsApp tricks

5 Useful WhatsApp Tricks

So, let’s read some new and best WhatsApp Tricks you can use.

1. Edit WhatsApp picture messages

Most felt terrible about editing pictures on WhatsApp, and they flew away to Snapchat and other platforms. So the latest update to WhatsApp has brought the doodle on, and you can easily edit your picture before sending it.

Here, all you have to do is –

  • Open a conversation
  • Tap the camera icon next to the text entry box.
  • Select the image from the gallery or take a picture.
  • At the top right, you can find a display option to crop the image, add a sticker, enter some text, and draw a doodle. Edit your picture here.
  • After editing your photo, add a caption, and tap the send button.

It’s simple to edit your photos while using WhatsApp.

2. Tag people

This update has been rolled out in most countries, and it is now possible to tag other people in your WhatsApp group messages to get their attention towards your message.

To notify all, type @ and select members you want to tag from the list you see on your screen.

3. Add Formatting to your messages

Still, the majority of people don’t know about this WhatsApp trick. WhatsApp has made it easier to bold, italicize, and strike through the text. If you are running a higher version than 2.12.535 in android or 2.21.17 on IOS, then you can enjoy this formatting option.

For bold text, you have to add asterisks to either side of the text, such as *Bold*

In italics style, you should add underscores to either side of the text, such as (_italics_)

To strike through, you have to insert the tildes on either side of the text (~tilde~)

4. Hide the “Last seen” timestamp

Now, WhatsApp has updated its privacy options as well. So you can easily do that if you want to hide your “Last seen” timestamp from everyone.

But unless you disable the feature, WhatsApp will display your last seen to all your friends. If you want to hide your last seen on WhatsApp, do it like this.

For Android devices,

  • Tap the three-dot kebab menu given on the top right side.
  • Head over to the Settings menu.
  • Then tap on the Account > Privacy > Last seen.
  • Finally, make sure you pick the option “Nobody.”

This way, you can show you are not active on WhatsApp. After that, you are free from your WhatsApp stalkers.

5. Disable Read receipts

Similar to the last seen option, the read receipts also let others see whether they saw your messages. If you strive to remove that, then you can do that. No one will ever know that you have read by the recipient and group or messages, etc.

To make changes on WhatsApp for Android,

  • Tap the three-dot kebab menu on the top bar.
  • Head over to the Settings menu, and tap it.
  • Then go to the Account > Privacy >  toggle the “Read receipts” option off.

That’s it.


These are incredible and refreshing WhatsApp tricks you should know. Comment below if you have any doubts.

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