When the founders John Koum and Brian Acton started this cross platform instant messaging app in 2008, they had no idea that WhatsApp will become so popular in such a quick time. The major reason behind its popularity is its simplicity. It is made very simple and easy to use as compare to other apps in same category. The other thing, the founders decided not to insert those annoying ads which popup every minute when you use various apps and it is one of the major reason why WhatsApp is so popular today.

WhatsApp has been growing with a very fast peace with 1 million users adding on daily basic. It has crossed 600 million users last month and become one the most downloaded app at various app stores. It seems like Mr. Zuckerberg’s decision to acquire WhatsApp was a smart decision and he must be having some plan for it.

WhatsApp Calling Feature

Talking about why developers still not brought calling feature to this widely used cross platform instant messaging app, I am happy to share that WhatsApp calling feature will be launched pretty soon as confirmed by them. People soon be able to make audio/video call through WhatsApp that will save lot of the money to those who make long distant or long duration calls.

Earlier the app was being used by young people, mostly the student who use it to share text/ audio/video messages, funny pics and group chat but today, the business owners, doctors, engineers and teachers are using WhatsApp for different purposes. The use of WhatsApp is not limited to college students only, it has become one of the major source of small business owners to reach their customers as they find it very cheap.

The other day I was going through one article which talked about how small business owners like those who running Boutique, Barber shops are getting in touch with their clients. Today in this technologically advanced world, the use of smartphones has grown and those who carry smartphone must have data plan with it. Due to this, the small business owners use WhatsApp to stay connected with their customers and inform them whenever they have interesting offers. It helped them to increase their sales and profit margins. Moreover informing the customers through WhatsApp calls will again be cheaper way for the business owner when calling feature is incorporated. Since making calls through WhatsApp using mobile internet will be completely free, it is threat for local mobile carriers who may see cut in their profit margin.