Building a homepage isn’t the thing a normal user could do easily. Programming skills in HTML or other coding languages are necessary, also knowledge of the web hosting market and keyword skills for the search engine optimization. Far from it! There are a lot of homepage tools, trying to help you with your page. One of the best known is WebSite X5 from Incomedia, which has a big advantage compared to others: It’s working offline. We tried the Evolution version, available for 75$.

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WebSite X5 – Starting the Workflow

During the installation every user has to create an account for the website of X5. That occurs strange in the first moment, but is a useful step for the support and the very active user community – questions about features or problems are answered there quickly. In addition you get access on over 6.000 royalty-free images or on free templates for your webpages. After the installation, the assistant starts automatically, to guide you through the construction process.

Building a page via Drag & Drop

With the assistants help, the implementation of your homepage is a kind of foolproof. Not a coding marathon is necessary, but an easy kind of click-by-click process, everyone can handle!

A well structured interface steers you during the layout and conception of your page. In the beginning you have to choose parameters like the URL, the title, icons and more. Then you have to pick an appropriate template out of your local or the online-library. There you find different types of templates for nearly every occasion: Shopping, animals, services and a lot more. Having chosen your favorite style, you set the typo, the side menu, drop-down menus, structures or mouse over elements. Easy going!

In the next step you structure your webpage with the sitemap editor, where you can add new layers for an easy navigation.

Now comes the awesome part and strength of WebSite X5; Instead of implementing the single elements in HTML like texts, pics, animations, maps, media content and more, you just drag and drop them on a graphical surface of the site. The software does the rest without your help.

In the end, you can also place RSS Feeds, SEO functions, blogs, and online shops – a kind of a universal website construction kit. Afterwards you can save the page as a local project, or export it directly in the web.

Download Evolution 12

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Final Verdict

If you want to build your own page without the compulsion of being online all the time and HTML skills, WebSite X5 will become one of your best friends. The assistant guides you through the whole process, the drag and drop of the single elements is probably the easiest way to create a site. To make it short: This full package is a reliable and beginner friendly solution at the right price.