WebEx vs GetResponse Webinar Tool: Choosing the Best for your Meeting


Any small or large business is dependent on effective marketing for its growth and development. With the internet on a boom, online marketing plays an important role in boosting any business. You need to select the right tool for branding & marketing of your business. Hosting an interactive webinar session is one of the latest business marketing tactics adopted by different organizations around the world. Hosting a webinar is a vital business marketing strategy and a nice way to attract potential clients. Do you know about webinar tool?

But are there any tools that might help you out in delivering the webinar successfully? If yes, then which are the right ones? The two most heard webinar tools in marketing industry are GetResponse & WebEx. So, let us discuss these tools and see which one wins over the other? But before that, let us learn more about the webinars.

What is a Webinar and how it is Beneficial?

A webinar is basically an online meeting or seminar conducted for doubt clearing, training, educating people or any other job. Many companies are conducting the webinars for the promotion of their products and enhancing their client base. Some of the benefits of webinars are:

  • You can contact directly with the targeted audience
  • Webinars help in developing trust and authority of a brand
  • They help in raising brand awareness
  • You can communicate directly with the client and promote the product effectively
  • You can save your valuable time and money

Webinar Tool vs Direct Speech

GetResponse Webinar Tool: Know-How

GetResponse is one of the best e-mail marketing tool that is first to provide webinar solutions to its customers. The landing builder, email marketing tool and the webinar tool makes it the complete package for online marketers.

Getresponse Webinar Tool

WebEx Webinar Tool: Know-How

WebEx is a trusted product by Cisco System and one of the widely used web conferencing tool around the globe. It has an easy to use interface and you can manage an online meeting successfully. WebEx has established itself as a trusted webinar tool over the web and has a large customer base.

Cisco Webex Webinar Tool

WebEx vs GetResponse: Feature-wise Comparison

WebEx and GetResponse are two most trusted webinar tools on the web. It is really difficult to judge the best tool between them. Go through this comparison to decide which one is the best?

Ease of Use

Every one of us wants software that is not at all complicated and navigation can be done on it flawlessly. GetResponse webinar tool is surely one of them. You can move through different options at a quick pace. All the options in its webinar tool are accessible from the main screen. So you need not search for options at remote locations in the tool while with WebEx the navigation might seem to be little troublesome. Though WebEx home screen looks simple and interactive, you may not find all the options to navigate through. Surely WebEx is not so user-friendly as compared to GetResponse.

Scheduling & Custom Webinar URL

The meetings can be scheduled efficiently with both these tools. You can schedule as many webinars as you want and can start the webinar with just a single click. Both these tools provide you with the options to schedule your webinars.

You can even generate the custom URL for your webinar with GetResponse that has got SSL seal and shares with the subscribers as well as the attendees. WebEx also allows you to create custom webinar URLs and share with the attendees and your contacts too. It is difficult to judge which tool is better from above comparison.

Video Conferencing

GetResponse and WebEx provide you with video conferencing facility too. You can join calls with talk with participants of the webinar clearing their doubts. Both these also let you mute the participants anytime you want and share media with them. No doubt, both these tools are brilliant enough when we talk about this feature.

Screen Recording & Sharing

GetResponse allows you to record your webinar and share it with participants as well as non-participants. You can store the webinar with GetResponse storage space and then start sharing it with a custom URL and download link. You can even share the screen with any of your participants during the webinar and let him/her address the audience. Same features are available with WebEx webinar tool and we can’t differentiate between these tools over this feature.

Invitations & Reminders

WebEx and GetResponse allow you to attract more participants to your webinar by letting you send the custom invitations with the webinar details to your subscribers. You subscribers can register through the invitation mail and can even get the confirmation message in return. When the webinar date is coming near, you can send the reminders to all the participants through email. These two tools perform brilliantly when we talk about this feature.

Enterprise Solution

GetResponse lets you conduct the webinar even for more than 500 people, but with WebEx, you cannot conduct the webinar for more than 500 attendees. This is one of the major limitations of WebEx. GetResponse establishes itself as one of the best enterprise solutions.


You have to pay a minimal of $49 to conduct a seminar for about 100 participants with GetResponse. As the number of participants increases, you can choose a higher plan.

Getresponse Pricing

You have to pay minimal of amount of $24 every month for conducting a webinar of up to 8 people. The plan can be upgraded when your attendees increase.


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