10 Disadvantages of Web Publishing

The internet is beyond doubt a revolutionary advancement in providing the ability to broadly disseminate information. However, when it comes to online publishing or web publishing, the internet does have its disadvantages some of which are temporary while others are inherent.

Disadvantages of Web Publishing

Here are ten reasons why the words “web publishing” annoys me.

The internet or web publishing

1. It Ain’t Free

Online publishing entails little or no cost but it does involve some sort of marketing and promotion, and these promotions come at a cost, otherwise, no one will be able to find your site. Other costs that might come into play are associated with online access.

2. Pull Technology

On the internet, accessing information usually is referred in two ways: push technology and pull technology. Push technology enables the data to be sent to a computer automatically which is either based on a schedule or by some trigger event. Pull technology is the opposite. It involves the user having to make a request in order to move the data to the user’s computer.

3. Lack of Control

Online publishing can also expose a company’s personal relations issues. Many customers choose to comment on a company’s services, while good feedback always helps in maintaining a company’s PR. Bad comments posted by the customer, on the other hand, can damage the reputation of a company.

4. Death by Boredom

Ask anyone who maintains a website if they regularly post content on their website and the answer you will probably get is yes. But how much of that ‘stuff’ is tolerable and how much is simply unexceptional. Publishers need to be careful about their reputation while uploading content that could very much be dull and forgettable. For example, I recently did a simple search on cable TV on the internet which came up with what I would call baloney.

5. The Strains of Device Proliferation

The variety of devices available provides great convenience for the viewers but it also presents technological issues for the publisher; especially when they not only have to publish content for the desktop environment but also have to develop content for cross-platform operating systems and portable devices like tablets, smartphones, and other devices.

6. Streamlined Publishing

While publishing online content for a variety of platforms the use of proper transcoding is necessary but the transcoding workflows can also be a drain on the limited resources of the publisher. By using a single step for transcoding content it minimizes the redundant and often complex process of transcoding content that can be viewed on multiple devices.

7. Wrong Information

The amount of wrong information available on the internet is also one of the reasons that bug me. Personally, I don’t believe all the information on floating on the internet is flawed but most of it is. This is why you should always question everything you read over the internet especially of the content on technical websites.

8. It Requires Computing Equipment

Because it requires computing equipment many people who work in third-world countries or do not have access to proper internet facilities will not have access to it.

9. Reaching the Audience

While the information available online is staggering, there are still many people who do not like to sit down in front of a computer screen to read for a long period of time. The bottom-line is sitting on a cold chair staring at a computer screen will never replace enjoying a good book on a comfy couch.

10. Loss of Copyrighted Information

Web publishing does transform local companies into worldwide players but it also risks the loss of proprietary and copyright information caused by hackers who gain access to the system.


Thanks to the internet, the availability of content is no longer static, but digital and mobile content needs to adopt more stringent measures that will enable the flow of content freely without sacrificing the security or the quality of the content. The good thing though is that among its flaws there is also an abundance of uses that a person can take advantage of like, I recently ran a search for cable TV, turns out there are a number of different options when it comes to CableTV, I ran a search here for cable providers in my area and can see that satellite providers now offer comparable services at a lower cost.

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