Ways To Enhance Revenue From Google AdSense


There is no denying AdSense remains one top means for bloggers and online marketers to get revenue through advertisements. However, not everyone using it is sure how to make the best use of it. To enhance revenue from Google AdSense, you can utilize the below listed tips. You need to master the new features in AdSense’s revamped interface as well.

Increase AdSense Revenue

Getting the basics right

Some bloggers and online marketers actually fail to pay attention to the basic rules imposed by Google for AdSense users. The placement of ads should be right. It is a mistake to place your ads strategically so that users end up clicking on them- it will not help you much. Asking someone to click your ads also backfires.

Location and type of ads

The AdSense ads should be placed around the site content. Bloggers often tend to ignore the importance of link based ads. They are not same as banner ads, but they are also suitable for CTR. Such ads can be laced at the header navigation bar. Both text and display ads work when they are used in the right way.

AdSense heatmap

While designing a site for using AdSense, think of the AdSense heatmap. This will ensure you can come up with AdSense-optimized themes. The sizes like 160*600, 728*90 and 300*250 are some of the best sizes in this regard.

Organic traffic

The AdSense ads work best when you get traffic from search engines. It also needs to be seen where the traffic source is. Mostly, traffic sources from the UK and USA ensures you get high CPC.

Using relevant ads

Keep in mind that AdSense is after all a contextual ad network, which functions based on ad content used by users. This means ads shown via this engine should be relevant to website content. Adding a few lines of code after and before the content to target the ads to content also helps.

Blog niche

It has been seen that bloggers with niche blogs tend to get better traffic and enhanced AdSense revenue than those with blogs with multiple niches. Choose and work on one niche rather than making a juke box of information, to get better traffic and generate revenues through AdSense.

AdSense Category blocking

Now, you can use the category blocking feature of AdSense with ease. It is now fairly simple to find out the type and category of ads that are performing badly. Then you can right away block such categories.

AdSense for YouTube

If you publish videos to YouTube or your blog site the copyrighted videos can be monetized with YouTube publisher program. The ultimate performance will of course depend on the kind and quantity of traffic those videos get.

Website optimization

This is one vital aspect many bloggers tend to overlook. When you are using loads of ads, graphics and maybe videos in a website, its load time can be affected. Even with 3G and 4G network, making inroads, still many users cope with unreliable net speeds. So, it is essential that you optimize the website to ensure it loads faster on all platforms and browsers. Get rid of unnecessary graphics and content affecting site load speed. This will ensure your site ads will receive more clicks.

Summing it up

If a significant source of your income comes from Google AdSense revenue, using these tips will be rather advantageous. Based on your situation, you may deploy one or more of these. It makes sense to try various measures and find out which ones work well for you. It is prudent that you adopt a slow and steady approach for enhancing your revenue from AdSense.


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