5 Ways to Make Your Blog More Visible

Your business blog is one of the most influential digital tools you have at your disposal. Learning how to optimize the efficiency of your business blog is what will make it powerful. You need to draw in readers for your words to make a difference in your brand image, and your words simply do not matter when no one sees them.

The visibility of your blog will largely influence your company’s visibility to the market, so it is very important to invest in boosting blog awareness. Here are a few helpful hints to get you started down the road to being seen.

Boost your blog visibility

Integrate social media into your design

Social media is a superpower in the realm of visibility boosters. You always want to integrate social media share buttons into the standard design of your blog posts. Place the buttons at the top, side, or bottom of every post, so it is easy for readers to share something they find interesting quickly.

Social media sharing is an act of impulse. Provide the answer to your reader’s impulse to share their excitement about your words, and your visibility will see automatic results.

Build your email listing whenever possible

Gathering together the emails of everyone who crosses the path of your blog posts is a great strategy. You need to build your own Rolodex to use when you have a need to put the word out about something exciting.

Having a collection of user emails will also help you to promote your blog’s newest content to your readers directly. Send out a reminder email to nudge continued involvement in your expression.

Focus on creating a stellar call-to-action

Your posts may do well every once in a while, but your return viewership is lacking. Bloggers commonly deal with this issue, because they miss the part of the tutorial that explains the purpose of a well-designed call-to-action.

Do not expect people to offer up information on their own, or simply stumble across your Twitter. Those things do happen, but not nearly often enough. Create a call to join the email listings or offer some sort of reward for a follows on Twitter.

Be consistent with your posting habits

Bloggers who post new material more than once a week accrue new readers at twice the rate of those who only post once a month or less. The more content you create, the more your readers have to maintain their interests and attention.

Be prepared to give your blog time to blossom

The main thing to understand about building a successful blog presence is that it takes time. If blogging is something you were hoping to make you rich quick, then you are mistaken. It takes time to become a force, so be patient.

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