Top 5 Ways to Improve Your Online Business with Your Blog

Blogging is not only to give information, but we can also earn from advertising, or we can start an online business and promote it through a blog/website. Before starting online marketing, you should consider the following factors to make your business free from all distractions that are going to drown you in the middle. Let’s take a look.

Improve your online business with your blog

Improve your Online Business with Your Blog

1. Re-Evaluate Your Goals

  • Are you aware of all your goals?
  • Do you know what exactly you are expecting from your blog?
  • Are you sure to start an online business?

Take a paper, consider the above questions, and write answers to them because self-evaluation is more important. No one knows better than yourself, what you want from a blog for online business. Write down your goals, terms, expectations, facts, and everything about your blog.

You might have in mind these specific terms like

  • How much money can I earn?
  • How much traffic can I get? Or I want to get it?
  • How many sales can I make within three months?
  • How many subscribers/followers can I get in 1 year?

There are some terms other than the website. Those are outside factors like:

  • Authority
  • Popularity
  • Happiness

One should have a clear understanding of these terms before starting any online business. If you don’t know what exactly you want to make from your website, then the business whatever you started to go in vain. Defining your goals will boost your knowledge and anxiety to learn and find out what you want and where you can get and how you can achieve these goals.

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3. How Much Your Homepage Gives You Impression?

If you want to improve your online business with your blog, then you must do thorough research on your homepage. Whether you are doing online marketing service or simple website posts, your homepage should be the reflection of your ideas. Readers get attracted when they find something different in your blog. As you know, the first impression is the best, especially the online business. Everyone got only 10-15 seconds to make an impression with the audience. If your homepage is not attractive, then probably you are going to lose so many visitors within a short time.

To avoid this problem, simply what you can do is

Just assume yourself as a visitor, what usually you want something when you shop online the same thing in your niche? What do you expect the homepage to look like?

Your mind should get the following questions

What do you notice first?

  • Can you understand the niche of the site is all about? Or what the site is selling exactly?
  • Have you seen other sites before on the same topic? What did you find something different from other sites?
  • Is that website you found is good for navigation?
  • Did you feel something missed?
  • How popular is that website?
  • What is the user rating?

Answer those questions about your own site. You’ll definitely know what should improve on your site. It’s not only about fonts, ads, and pop-ups, but it is also about the appearance, layout, and navigation.

Layout design, fonts, and navigation are silly things. You can change them within an hour by simply changing the theme. If you run WordPress or Joomla, then you might have known the easiness. These changes cannot be skippable because it can influence the appearance. A bad presence influences sales. Simply write down what should be changed first and then change accordingly. Don’t be hurry. Select a theme that should come up in the long run.

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3. Check for Errors on Your Website 

Are you aware of online tools that check and crawl your website errors? Don’t get disturbed by assuming that you should pay some bucks to those tools. A simple free online tool is Google’s Search Console (Previously known as Webmaster Tools).

Search Console allows you can find the errors on all pages and can fix them instantly.  Google’s bots work for your site and keep track of errors that they found on all pages, which may include broken links, expired links, or some verification problems with those links, VPN problems, etc. you’ll get a list of errors that are drowning your site and find out exactly where those happening. You can instantly correct those and make your site error-free.

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4. Rank Your Website

Website Grader is a free online tool available that checks your entire site thoroughly and monitors the health of your site. It grades your site. It gives an easy to report about your website, and you can know where to improve and make it better.

If your meta description or website tagline or description is too long, it will give you a suggestion about how much is your limit. If you use a WordPress site, probably you are aware of the Yoast SEO plugin. It will give you a limit of 150 characters of metadata. Website Grader is also an SEO tool that checks for Image tags, Use Social media sharing Tools and RSS Feed, so that you’ll have the sense of keeping all these SEO optimized.

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5. Ask Your Readers and Other Bloggers About Your Website

Whatever the levels you are working at, people always be the judge to evaluate your website. Add a suggestion page, so that everyone who visits your site will get a chance to write feedback about your site. You may get good and bad suggestions. But take well.

Other bloggers of your niche are always aware of your site. So don’t be egoistic. Ask them politely about any improvements or any suggestions regarding your website. If you know more than them, then suggest to them. Every blogger will have a secret technique that he follow seriously to grow his blog. Try to find it from him.

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