5 Ways Bloggers Can Engage the Audience

Technology has become a tool that is widely accessible. Just about everyone with a computer, some ambition, and an idea can put together a blog. Blogs have the ability to draw in readers, but without a purpose or direction, a blog can end up as a confused publication with little value to the audience. For this reason, blogs with a specific purpose, like Bob Parsons’ golf blog, draw a wide fan base. As with any webpage, the degree of popularity is usually limited to a core audience sharing posts in order to increase visitor traffic. Luckily, there are a number of ways bloggers can engage the audience with ease.

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#1 Keep the Blog on Topic

Keeping the blog on a topic is a fact that can not be stated enough. Readers tune into the page for updates and posts relevant to a certain topic, which means the focus and dedication to a specific industry have to constantly be present. In the competitive world of today’s internet, even a momentary lapse can see readers head elsewhere for updates, news, and opinions. In short, it pays to stay on topic.

#2 Have a Stake in the Outcome

Blogs seem to work best when the author has a stake in a given project. Sharing news, updates, and developments about a certain project, such as a golf course, can pique the interest of readers. Not only will the website be a useful tool for others attempting a similar project, but the digital document can serve as a way for the author to sort out thoughts and develop additional plans. Blogging about building a house, opening a business, or cooking a meal brings readers in because there is a clear and specific outcome in mind.

#3 Regular Updates

Every blog has a different update schedule that needs to be followed. The actual frequency depends largely on the content involved. Weekly updates might work well for certain industry or business, but an update every other day or even once a month might be perfect for other areas. The main idea is that the blog gets updated on a regular timeline so that readers know exactly when new material is being featured.

#4 Social Media

Engaging readers and developing an audience can be a full-time job. Social media provides a number of tools for sharing and promoting blogs and traditional websites. Authors can draw the attention of new readers by sharing posts on Facebook, Twitter, and other social sites. Plus, the writer can interact with the audience to help promote the blog, which can be a huge asset.

#5 Listen to Readers

The feedback of readers can be a valuable source of advice for any blogger. Readers will leave comments and ask questions on a pretty regular basis. Those comments will likely point the entire blog in a certain direction. It could be that terminology needs to be better explained, or comments can reveal that updates are occurring too rapidly. Bloggers need to listen.

In the end, blogs can engage the audience by taking the advice of readers, covering a specific topic, using social media, and updating on a regular schedule. Getting and keeping the attention of an audience is a difficult task, but blogs that are clear and concise have a better chance of performing well. In the end, it really is all about keeping the audience wanting more.

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