VMware Corrupted! Quickly Follow Below Tips for VMware VMDK Recovery


Before discussing deep details about VMware and its hypervisors, I would like to first give you information about Virtualization and Virtual Machines. As everyone knows, according to time, technology is increasing day by day. Unbelievable number of advance applications are coming up with brilliant features which makes work easier for users, especially who are working in high level organizations. And the biggest thing is that these large organizations are moving towards Virtualization technology in order to perform multiple task simultaneously. Even data recovery can be easier through  a VMware VMDK recovery software.

Virtualization is a process of creating a virtual environment rather than physical. The main aspect of Virtualization is to manage workloads by radically transforming computing to make it more scalable. And now today, Virtualization can be applied to wide range of system layers including server virtualization hardware and operating system level virtualization.

This virtual environment can be created by virtual machines which are provided by different hypervisors. A virtual machine is also different type of operating system or you can say it is an application environment which is installed on software which imitates dedicated hardware. In other words, a guest operating system running on host operating system. And by utilizing hypervisors, you can easily create and manage multiple virtual machines on a single system without facing any trouble.

VMDK Recovery Software One of the most popular vendor available in market which provide virtual environment to users is VMware. It is a company founded in 1998 by five different experts which provides different software and applications for virtualization. It became one of the important providers of virtualization software in the IT industry. User can categorized VMware products in two levels i.e. first desktop application and second server applications. In 1999, VMware Workstation is the first product created by VMware Workstation, followed by VMware GSX Server in 2001. The company launched many products since that time.

VMware desktop software is capable to work with all major OSs including Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. VMware offers three different types of desktop software:

VMware Workstation: Using this application user can install and run several copies or cases of the same operating systems or another operating systems on a single physical computer machine.

VMware Fusion: Mac users made this application which provides additional compatibility with all the other products and applications of VMware.

VMware Player: It is a freeware application launched by VMware for users who do not have licensed VMware products. The product is meant only for personal use.

VMware’s software hypervisors who are intended for servers are bare-metal embedded hypervisors which run directly on the hardware of server without the requirement of extra primary OS. VMware’s line of server software includes:

VMware ESX Server: It is built to deliver better functionality to enterprise level solution as comparison to freeware VMware Server resulting from a lesser system overhead. This VMware server is integrated with VMware vCenter that provides advanced solutions to improve manageability and consistency of the server implementation.

VMware ESXi Server: This VMware type is similar to VMware ESX Server except that the service console is changed with the installation of BusyBox which requires very low disk space to operate.

VMware Server: A freeware application which can be used over existing operating systems like Linux or Microsoft Windows.

 VMware VMDK recovery software

The above are some VMware products which can be used for creating and managing different virtual machines. Sometimes, some situations occurs when your virtual machines suddenly displays black screen errors and all the files and folders stored in VMware get corrupted. Then you start getting worried and start looking for a tool which can recover your corrupted VMware files. VMware recovery can be easily performed by utilizing VMware VMDK Recovery Application. It supports VMware data recovery from corrupt VMware virtual hard disk files saved as .vhd, .vmdk, .vhdx, .vdi, .vmfs and etc. It is designed in a way that it supports Windows Desktop and Server editions and perform VMDK recovery in a fraction of seconds. You can download free demo version and check the entire recovery process.

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