Who doesn’t want his/her tasks to get accomplished on time? Everybody does. Right? If you’re an Apple product owner, then you’re definitely in luck because each Apple device is equipped with apps that can enable you to manage all your tasks in an absolutely brilliant manner. Moreover, there are other premium apps that can help you manage your working day in a flawless way by allowing you to chop down your daily goals into time slices. In this blog, I’ve covered some interesting details about Vitamin R2 app that’s specially designed to work on devices powered by iOS and OS X.

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Philosophy behind Vitamin R-2
Designed by one of the leading iPhone Application Development Companies with the prime focus on work day management, Vitamin R-2 is an app that comes with note-taking tools that enable you to track your tasks in addition to alarming you each time a time slice is completed. If you’re keen on maintaining a steady focus on your work throughout the day then Vitamin R-2 is the app you can trust. People behind the Vitamin R-2 app are well aware of the fact that a human brain is more efficient while working on a short-period single task as compared to huge chunks of tasks. Vitamin R-2 app enables you to disassemble your tasks, thereby making them more feasible within the set time limits.

Inspiration behind development of Vitamin R-2 application

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Vitamin R-2 has been hugely inspired by the productivity method that’s called the Pomodoro technique. As per this technique, a user can choose to divide his/her working day into 25 minutes slot, thereby enjoying the flexibility of mixing up different kinds of tasks that need to be implemented throughout the day.

How does Vitamin R-2 work?
With Vitamin R-2 app, you can take notes during each time slice. You can opt for dividing the time slices into categories including: Now and Later, which will let you track your position in the work cycle. One of the best features of Vitamin R-2 is that it can be easily integrated with a large number of well-known task apps such as OmniFocus and Things. Moreover, you can also choose to simply drag and drop tasks into the Vitamin R-2 app directly from these popular task apps. To get started with Vitamin R-2, all you need to do is simply add a goal and once you’re done with the same, the app would clear your route towards timely completion of all the specified tasks in a timely fashion.

Adding customization to tasks is feasible with Vitamin R-2 application

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With Vitamin R-2, you get a perfect flexibility of adding customization to your daily tasks. You can easily change your objective in the fourth panel and use FastType syntax for formatting your thoughts in a quick way. As someone who has installed Vitamin R-2 in his/her Apple device, you can freely poke around the app to come up with functionalities that can play a pivotal role in enhancing the overall productivity. The sound library available with Vitamin R-2 app makes room for easy customization of tasks that need to be scheduled. There are ticking clocks that can be used for creating an excellent environment under situations where the external factors tend to sidetrack you. Since Vitamin R-2 exceeds the amount of roles used in tasks, you can choose to tweak the assorted windows and sorting options that form crucial components of the work management schedule.

Selecting length for a time slice
While using Vitamin R-2 app, time length selection is one of the most important tasks that need to be undertaken wisely. I recommend you choosing the time length as something between 15-25 minutes. This small time increment usually works perfect for iPhone/iPad users who need to perform highly focused tasks on an everyday basis.

Wrapping Up
If you want distraction-free slices of working time then Vitamin R-2 is the app for you. Equipped with interesting data gathering features and note-taking tools, Vitamin R-2 works well for all dedicated workaholics. With the convenience of performing a variety of tasks in a simple and convenient manner, Vitamin R-2 app lets you complete your tasks without getting distracted in any way. The app allows you to manage your tasks in a well-organized and intelligent manner.

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