We can’t live without Views in Drupal. When i was working on Drupal 4.x version it was very big issue to create list or page, where we want data with certain filter, but from when, Views were introduced in Drupal, it was really a life changing moment. This module is the most downloaded module on drupal.org. This is very powerful list-maker. This is not providing a GUI only to create a query, but also gives us facilities on how to show your content.

Views in drupal development

The Views module allows administrator to create, manage and display the content. The final conclusion of this module is a user interface to compose SQL queries, getting information like content, users etc. from the database and display it on screen well formatted. Views in Drupal is providing many types of style to display your result like list, tabular, grid etc. You can also customize it using template overriding where you can do the way you want because code is in your hand but you should take care of Drupal standard. So Views in Drupal is very flexible and helping you avoid coding and using UI you can build a attractive website pages which is database driven and dynamic.

Following are the few items, I have listed, but Views is not limited to this, you can do even more:

  • If you like Drupal default front page, but you want it to sort in different way then you need Views.
  • Same with taxonomy list if you like default display and you want to change the way of sorting then you can use Views to change that, also you can do other operations using Views based on your requirement.
  • If you wanted to use tracker but you would like to restrict it to posts of certain type then you can use Views.
  • Suppose you have list of nodes but you don’t like the default display so you can change using Views module.
  • If you wanted to create a block with top post’s, then you can use Views.
  • If you wanted to provide list of nodes with archive filter into a block then you can use Views.

So these are only basic items I have shown you, where you need Views in Drupal but using this you can do even more. If you are expert in this then you can create very complex Views using contextual filter, relation etc.

Mostly contributed modules of Drupal 7 integrated with Views. In Drupal 8.x this is the part of core, which shows us importance of views module.

Advantage of using Views in Drupal:

  1. What to select and filter from your database.
  2. How to design the info and where to show it.
  3. Relationships, how data relate to one another. If relationship data is available. Like user-reference field.
  4. Arguments, parameters that dynamically search the views results which pass as part of URL.
  5. Sort Criteria, It define the order of your content displayed in the view results. Like date ascending, descending.
  6. Filters, It limit’s content displayed in the views results like node “Published”.
  7. Header and Footer, It allow us to add text area above the views result and below the view results.

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