There was a time when cable TV was thought of as the most important invention ever to hit the world of television. Then along came fiber optics which provided better viewing and after that satellite TV was all the rage. Now, with amazingly innovative new technology, on-demand streaming media services have become the benchmark by which all programming seems to be rated and advertisers are leaving networks by the score to invest in on-demand services that can be viewed by anyone on any device as long as there is a connection to the Internet. It’s absolutely mind-boggling the way these on-demand services have changed, and continue to change, the way in which we view media.

On-Demand Streaming Media Services

On-demand Streaming Media Services

A Look at the Recent Presidential Debates

Although viewers can use on-demand services to watch anything from one of the most successful series ever, Game of Thrones, to live news broadcasts, nothing hits home more than the viewership of the recent United States presidential debates between Hillary R. Clinton and Donald J. Trump, both presidential hopefuls in the coming November election and both the focus of huge media coverage. In fact, if you were to need any one program to understand just how on-demand streaming media services are changing the way we view media, this would be a prime example. Let’s explore a few of the reasons why.

Traditional Collection of Viewer Ratings

Most often ratings are determined by antiquated polls that are conducted during and after a program. Companies like Nielsen typically cold-call people based on a list of phone numbers and ask a series of questions in terms of how they enjoyed the program, did they watch the entire thing, did they tune out at some point, how they rated it and so forth. While there is smart technology in some TV sets, not all are smart televisions so it isn’t possible to get all the needed statistics via smart technology. Hence, Nielsen not only calls residences but has online surveys as well. They do gather some metrics via smart sets, but to date that is limited.

The Most Efficient Way to Track Viewership

Streaming on-demand services such as those offered by VIDGO TV provide a much better way to track viewership. The reason for this is because they can use techniques employed each and every day by marketing professionals to determine bounce rates. When you are connected to any site whatsoever on the Internet, marketing companies can find out where you went, how long you stayed on that site and if you bounced off to go somewhere else. This is how Google uses ‘bounce rate’ as a metric. Not only are the Internet and on-demand streaming media services changing the way in which we view media, but they are also very instrumental in determining the programming we will receive going forward. Television shows get canceled based on popularity and now with on-demand streaming media the producers will have accurate metrics and perhaps our favorites will no longer get cancelled mid-season!

Anywhere, Any Time, Any Size

That was just programming at a glance. Now let’s talk about how and where you can watch your favorite programs. Because these type of on-demand services come with a tidy little (not-so-little!) app, you can stream media to any device you have that has Internet connectivity. Want to watch the latest episode of America’s Got Talent but you are on your way to a dinner engagement? Pull out your iPhone and stream the show as you travel. In the office working late when the Presidential debate airs? Take a break and watch Trump and Clinton go neck in neck in one of the fiercest races ever. In fact, largely due to steaming on-demand streaming media services, this has been the most widely viewed Presidential debate in history. How do they know that? The same way as they know where you are located and how long you have been online.

And finally, the best is yet to come. Now you are able to pick and choose literally any offering that provider has because you are not limited to broadcast times. With some cable channels you could get on demand services but those programs were typically limited to movies and longer shows. Now you can watch an entire series in one day if you want or you can pick up where you left off after a quick break to the kitchen for a snack. On-demand streaming media services are television of the future. Aren’t you glad the future is here?