We’re in the age of technology, and successful business professionals know that it’s time to get digital. Traditional marketing strategies are losing validity as the digital age offers an abundance of creative new resources that strengthen campaigns. Image generators, video creation tools, custom text tools, specialized mobile apps, and useful and creative online collaterals are just a few examples of the digitization of marketing to promote business.

Promote Your Business

Videos deserve some extra attention regarding being a reliable content medium for business. Think about it – for years, large companies have often promoted themselves through micro videos, more commonly known as commercials or advertisements. Entrepreneurs and public figures negotiate endorsement deals with companies and show up on their television commercials or YouTube ads, promoting themselves and the company. Video is more powerful than many marketers realize.

Promote Your Business

Why to Use Video?

Studies show that visual information is processed 60,000 times faster than just text alone. Images enhance text and engage potential customers. Adding multi-sensory stimulation to your marketing content with video will set the bar for your competitors. And if that’s not enough to sway you, maybe these facts will:

How to Use Video to Promote Business?

Businesses worldwide are using video in a variety of ways, but the possibilities for marketing content are infinite. As marketing teams are jumping on the promotional video content bandwagon for small and large businesses, companies should be aware of video creation resources that are easy to use for the everyday marketer. To promote business video-creation tools like mysimpleshow offer marketers and business professionals the chance to become video producers in a short amount of time. Professional quality explainer videos created with the tool can promote or help explain any aspect of your business. Use the tool to create videos for these purposes:

  • Introduce Yourself: Explain your company’s goals, mission, and vision with a video. Introduce the key players – CEO, CMO, and CTO, for example.
  • E-Mail Content: Send product updates, changes in terms and conditions, evites, newsletters, or sales notices.
  • Web Pages: Use a short video on your website’s landing pages to increase conversion and engagement.
  • Customer Contests: Use mysimpleshow to host a customer contest. Whoever submits the best video about ideas for your new product wins a free shipment of it!
  • Social Media: Help build brand awareness by distributing videos on social media channels. Aesthetic impressions on the web are more important than ever!
  • Advertisements: Placing video ads on hosting sites like YouTube will help increase potential customer reach and expand brand awareness.

Promote Your Business

Video is engaging and exciting for potential customers. Creating videos and using them as promotional marketing tools on websites, in emails, on social networks, as ads, for investor pitches, or as commercials will help grow your business in no time!