Using Technology as a Conversion Tool

If you work much in sales, or you’ve ever had anything to do with website design and Internet traffic control, then you’re probably pretty familiar with the idea of conversion. Essentially, when it comes conversion, you’re trying to take a person’s attention and convert it into some sort of value for you. This could be through a sale, or it could be through submitting an email address, or it could be by clicking a link, for example.

If you’d like to use technology as a conversion tool, a couple of different categories you can accomplish that in are included within the scope of video technology, analysis technology, the ability to increase face-to-face potential, and making sure that the mobile revolution is on your side.

conversion tool

Video Tech

Video technology, in particular, has the ability to convert attention into customers. When you see a well-produced video advertisement on a website, there are a number of different reactions you can have. The producer of the video is trying to get someone to do something. If you are that producer, then you want to absorb as much technology as possible in the modern web creation world, so that the best techniques and most successful advice are included as part of your presentation.

Analysis Tech

Another way to use technology as a conversion tool is if you figure out how to use analysis techniques to your advantage. A lot of analysis packages are free these days. You can sign up for Google analytics and get amazing sets of information about your website traffic in a very well-designed format. By looking at the trends of that data and understanding how to read different spreadsheets of output, you get the opportunity to tweak whatever it is that you’re selling in a manner that creates better conversions.

Increasing Face to Face Possibilities

You’d be amazed how many more people will convert to an idea if they talk to a person face-to-face. Some of the latest technology that is available for web designers and developers allow you to create real-time chats with people browsing your website. This can be through text, video, or audio, but in terms of conversion rates, to a real person is one of the best things that you can do to showcase that you can be trusted as a seller of some product or service.

The Mobile Revolution is on Your Side

The sooner that you realize that the mobile revolution is on your side, the more you can use it to benefit you. More than 50% of people who get online do so through their mobile devices these days, and that means that whatever conversion tools you had your desktop browsing, you need to move them into the mobile realm as well. Simply by utilizing responsive design within your web frameworks, you can immediately get a much better response to a lot of your conversion efforts.

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