The design of a website plays a pivotal role in creating an impression in the minds of the visitors. The website which is well designed will definitely lead to more viewer attention especially if it is an e-commerce portal. Web designers also need to make sure that they implement all the latest design techniques and methods. This will enable them to design a website that is at par with all the other sites that are present out there.

How use of White space can make a difference in your website

Out of all the components of a website design, one that can make a significant difference is whitespace. In this post, we are going to discuss briefly what whitespace is and how its efficient utilization can enhance the design of a website.

What is meant by Whitespace?

Whitespace in simple language is referred to as the part of the web page that has been left blank or unmarked. In a website, there are a number of components like images, columns, text, margins, graphics along with others complete the design of a website. In between all these elements, there is some space that is left. This space is necessary as it makes a page more viewable and transforms its overall design.

Whitespace makes a website look elegant and sophisticated. All the elements get well organized and guide the user’s attention on the desired elements. In order to deliver a better design of a website through white space, it is important that stress is given to each and every detail of a web page. Be it the menus, images, header, footer, captions etc. The main objective of a website is to deliver the best experience to the visitors. All the elements or components of the website must be easily viewable to them.

Now after having a brief discussion about whitespace, it’s time to showcase how whitespace can make a difference in your website.

1. Provides Impressive & Clean Layout

As discussed above the first impression that a website gives to its users plays a vital role. Yes, it is necessary to have a great layout, color schemes and impressive features on a website. However, with all these, a website also needs some form of breathing space so that the users don’t get bogged down by all the design elements used on a website. In order to achieve this, whitespace plays a major role. By using whitespace in the correct manner, the visitors will be able to explore a website in a much better manner. This will automatically prove beneficial for the owner of the website.

2. Increases Content’s Readability

Increases Content's Readability

The importance of content on a website cannot be neglected. Therefore, it becomes vital that the users which come to a website are able to easily read the content that is written on it. By the whitespace between the paragraphs will improve the overall reading experience of the readers. This will make the content look more presentable and readable. Proper space between the blocks of text and images will enable the users to have a clear understanding of the information that is displayed on the website. In today’s time, when there are a plethora of options that are available for the online users, it is necessary to make them stick to a website for longer durations.

3. Makes a Website Interactive

Intractive Website design

The objective of a website is to cater all the required information to the visitors and negate any kind of distractive elements. By integrating whitespace in a website the users will be able to focus on all the necessary information and take an action. Giving some whitespace around the items or products especially in the case of an e-commerce store will guide the attention of a visitor on them. This will result in better conversion rates as the visitors are able to receive what they come searching for on the website.

4. Highlight The Important Stuff

For businesses of all genres, it is important that the user’s attention is focused on all those elements of a website that really matter. Sometimes it is necessary to think ahead of your competitors and focus on those elements that will generate profits for your business. Having a whitespace around the important products and services will prove to be more effective for a business. Presenting the things in a more better and bigger manner is the key to get a response from the users.

5. Adequate Usage of Whitespace

Till now you would have realized the importance of using whitespace. However, a proper balance needs to be maintained. Inserting whitespace just for the sake of it will do no good to your website. By using very less whitespace you are only going to create confusion and unreliability among your visitors. Similarly, too much whitespace is also not considered good. The users might feel that the too much whitespace is due to the lack of content or relevant information.

In The End

The best way to use whitespace is to firstly have a clear idea about the layout of a web page. By doing a proper planning about the way you want to showcase the content and different elements on a page will help you in integrating whitespace. Some portion of your website would be really important from the user’s perspective while the others might not be. Also, some part of the website might require less space than the rest. What eve you decide, ultimately the main objective of using whitespace is to give a good browsing experience to the users.

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