How to Use Torrent Apps via a VPN?


The article will help you determine whether you need a VPN specifically for you and choose a provider, and also talk about the pitfalls of this technology and alternatives to it. If you are using Torrent Apps.

This material covers torrent VPN with an overview of providers, designed for general development and solving small problems. It will not teach you how to achieve complete anonymity in the network and 100% privacy of traffic.

Access Torrent Apps via a VPN Service

Torrent apps vpn

Providers block torrent traffic

Often, VPN services are used by users to circumvent Internet censorship. But, it turns out, it’s not so simple. Most of the VPN providers decided to ban BitTorrent traffic on the UK and US servers because of fears of piracy by users. Blocked BitTorrent is a technology that allows a wide audience to exchange “heavy” files, but not particularly suitable for individuals. Single BitTorrent users are much more profitable to use proxy servers and virtual private networks (VPNs).

Although, those who register in the VPN, should be more careful because, as one of the points of the Agreement may say, in certain parts of the BitTorrent network traffic may be banned. And even though some VPN providers are friendly with BitTorrent, most of them decided to block file-sharing traffic on English and American servers. Moreover, all the polls refer to suspicions of piracy.

What’s the way out?

As Unspyable explains, in the US, VPN companies are almost completely inundated with notices related to the DMCA (copyright law in the digital age). All these complaints to the service representative are sent from the providers. But since the companies themselves do not monitor anything, they do not give intelligible answers. As a result, broken contracts with providers force them to look for new traffic providers and, naturally, entail costs for finding and configuring new servers.

In response, NexTGen VPN stated that they block the corresponding traffic only because of limited bandwidth. In addition, in this way, they are struggling with the ever-increasing volume of DMCA complaints. HideIPVPN also blocks file sharing on some servers, referring to the laws of the United States and the United Kingdom, according to which downloading content that is protected by copyright is considered illegal.

Torrent Network Legal or Illegal

To date, downloading through torrent networks and P2P copyright content in the US is illegal. According to the explanation of NordVPN, P2P traffic is allowed on servers located in countries where there is no restriction on the content of information downloaded through various file-sharing applications, including through BitTorrent.

In connection with the DMCA, file sharing and torrent apps are allowed in Panama, Sweden, Turkey, the Netherlands, Canada, Germany (Frankfurt), Luxembourg, Russia and partly in Romania. But not all Virtual private networks block file sharing in the US, explaining this by the fact that access to information resources in the Internet environment, to their opinion, should be free.

Popular VPNs

For example, Ipredator, a private virtual network founded by The Pirate Bay, in addition to filtering 25 SMTP port, does not introduce any other restrictions. You can see the same about Mullvad, BlackVPN, VikingVPN, and many others. I think you will make the right conclusions after reading this article.


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