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Entertainment Technology: If you research tech articles it probably seems like most of the ones that pop up have something to do with how you can use the latest tech for your business or at work. However, tech does so many things in so many areas of your life. Yes, it’s important for businesses if you want success, but it’s available to help you live your life easier and to help you lose weight too.

One way that people might be forgetting technology has changed their lives is through entertainment. It could just be that you’ve been taking it for granted. If you want to ultimate in technology when it comes to entertainment you’ll want to span a few decades!

Entertainment technology
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Use Tech As Entertainment Technology

1. Reading

Once upon a time reading was reserved for books, and then they did books on tape. From books on tape, you got books on disc. All three of these things exist, but technology has made it even easier to own your own library of books with the creation of eBooks.

From eBooks to help you create a successful business to children’s interactive books, you can have a library all in one electronic device that fits in your hand. From your phone, your computer, a tablet, or a device specifically made for reading eBooks, you can read almost anything you want (granted there are still some books out there only available in print).

2. Watching Movies And Television

Much like books, once the only way to watch TV was on a TV and the only way to see movies was on TV or in a theater. Now there are even more options (although some of them may be pretty obsolete). It may be hard to find movies on laserdisc, or a laser disc player, you can still buy VCRs brand new (although they may slowly become obsolete) and find movies and TV series (older ones anyway) on VHS.

Today you can watch movies and TV streaming on your computer or your smartphone. But you also still have the option of a DVD player or a BluRay player to watch the shows and movies you love. And you can still go to the theater, but you have options like 3D and IMAX now.

3. Listening To Music

When comes to entertainment technology then lastly, there’s music. Even before vinyl records, there was music, but vinyl is still actually pretty popular. There were 8-tracks too. Cassettes have made a little bit of a comeback with independent music labels and you can still buy stereos and boom boxes with cassette players.

However, even the CD has become less popular since music started to become available for download and streaming. You don’t even need a radio anymore since there are online radio stations galore.


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