How to Add Custom Domain to Blogger/Blogspot and Fix Naked Domain Error?


It is easy to search for adding a new custom domain on Blogger through Google search. Google search may provide you some good result on this topic. Google technical notes are available for complete reference, but I realize that very few bloggers among us have had applied the custom domain on their blog successfully. Only 60% of bloggers are utilizing their domain, and rest 40% are not aware of the full potential of a custom domain. Most of us have a habit of a typing domain name, including www. But for Blogger www is not like a hosted website; on Blogger it is CNAME (Canonical Name). Then it is necessary to understand and take it carefully. If you open your blog without including www and it is auto-redirecting to blog successfully, then you are among 60%, and if not, then you are missing the full potential of the purchased domain. Because without typing www before the domain name, your blog will not open.

Add Custom Domain Name to Blogger blogs

In this article, I will try to cover the following two objectives –

Objectives of the Article

  1. Adding a Custom Domain to Blogger blogs
  2. Resolve the unfixed issue of Naked Domain

If you want to add a custom domain to Blogger blog, then there are two essential things to consider and have to complete the following steps in the DNS Management Panel.

1. Creating CNAME
2. Adding A-Records

Most of the bloggers create just only CNAME but forget to add A-Records. That’s why when someone opens such blog without adding www (CNAME) he/she gets the following 404 error message. As I already told you most of the today new users open any website with Naked Domain, i.e., and 40% blogs do not redirect to automatically.

Most people want to add a custom domain name to their blogs, but they only create one CNAME and forget to create four A-records that’s why they lose 40% blog traffic and blog rank increase slowly.

Unfixed Naked Domain 404 Error

Use a Custom Domain Name to Blogger/Blogspot

If you do not want to shut down your blog while adopting all process. Please complete all steps given hereunder and then add the domain in Blogger setting.

Follow these steps to add a custom domain on Blogger blogs –

1: Go to Blogger Dashboard
2: Then select a blog

Select Blog to Use Custom Domain Name

3: Click on Settings › Basic
4: Under Publishing › Blog Address click on Setup a 3rd party URL for your blog

Setup a 3rd party URL for your blog

5: Fill your custom domain name without http:// in the box, given below under Advanced settings
6: Now as you click on the Save button after entering the custom domain name, you’ll get two CNAMEs as following and you’ve to enter them under DNS settings in your domain panel.

Blog Address Advance Settings including two CNAMEs

7: Now add these 4 A-Records, which are four different Google IPs.

Name/Label/Host Destination/Target/Address/Points to

Your domain panel may look like this for Godaddy; you have to enter a value like that –

DNS Settiings Godaddy

Your domain panel may look like this for BigRock; you have to enter a value like that –

DNS settings BigRock

8: After completing all above wait for an hour or two and then try to add the custom domain name to your blog. Then tick on “Redirect to”. By this way, your naked domain will be redirected to the top-level domain, i.e., to

Fix Redirect Naked Domain

After completing all the above steps, sometimes, you’ve to wait for a maximum of 48 hours to work with a new domain. If you are getting Error 12 or Error 14, then you should try adding domain after a few more hours. Still, have trouble please consult some technical person nearby you.

Please note if you have more than one blog on same domain then do not click on all to redirect Naked domain to all blogs please choose only one of these.

After successful completion of all the above steps, you’re on your domain now.

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