How to Unlock Your Phone the Easy Way?

Nearly all U.S. cell phone users will have to pay for a new device if they want to change their current service provider since the old one is locked to the company that sold it.

It is possible that your smartphone is tied to a contract to a certain network carrier. When you attempt to leave that carrier, your new SIM card will not work because the phone’s locked. Due to this reason, you can not make a call and access the internet to send or receive SMS online. In addition, when you are abroad and make an attempt to use a different network provider’s service on your old phone, it won’t work as well.

Depending on the model of your phone and the company providing your network service, your phone may be unlockable. The phone can accept other carriers or you may simply change the cell phone number and service accounts.

Two major phone technologies are used by most of the world’s mobile phone service providers, they are the GSM and the CDMA. If you use a phone of the CDMA type, your phone cannot get locked, but if your device is the GSM type, then you may be able to successfully unlock it.

Unlock your phone

Why you should unlock your phone

Unlocking your phone gives you the liberty to switch from one service provider to another. If a long-term service contract doesn’t disturb you (alongside the contract termination fees that come with it), you can switch to any service provider as often as you like and never have to get another phone. Just insert a new SIM card provided by your new service provider and your old phone will work well. You will, however, have to migrate your old phone number to the new account.

Benefits of Unlocking Your Phone

Of course, unlocking your phone comes with a lot of benefits which are listed below. They are:

1. Freedom from onerous carrier charges

Even though it is good to save cash on a smartphone with a two-year agreement, signing this contract indicates that customers are subject to the onerous charges placed upon them by carriers. While purchasing unlocked phones means paying full price upfront, buyers are also free from the early-termination fees and have the chance to use the mobile service that’s best for them.

2. Other phone choices

The great thing about unlocking a phone is that it can be done on just about any type of phone. So, while T-Mobile may have a phone an AT&T customer needs, getting the unlocked alternative from the other carrier will provide the best of both worlds.

3. A more reasonable plan pricing

Since an unlocked phone gives customers true choice, they can buy the plan they like best. Carriers might seem to have the same pricing however companies like T-Mobile and Sprint are doing a good job of providing better deals than their bigger competitors in an attempt to entice more customers.

4. No security losses

There’s a mistaken belief that unlocking your phone will make it less secure. That is a myth. In reality, unlocking a phone doesn’t negatively affect its security. Only jailbreaking—which should not be mistaken for unlocking can lead to security issues.

How to unlock your phone?

A lot of third-party sites give cell phone unlock codes for a cost that ranges from $5 to about $25, depending on the model of your phone.

Some phones require being connected to a particular device through their data port which is set for unlocking. Also, some service providers offer this service. However, nearly all phone owners will have to turn to third parties to do this.

If you want to unlock your phone, one of the best unlocking websites to do that is UnlockPolice.

At Unlock Police, it is pretty easy. All you need do is fill a form, provide your email and phone’s IMEI. After your unlock code is sent to your mail, you enter the code into your phone, follow the instructions sent to you and your unlock process will be completed. It is that easy!

UnlockPolice is the most affordable unlocking cell phone company with a 100% money-back guarantee. Just fill the form and try their services. 


Not all phones sold are locked. Frequently, phones sold straight from the manufacturer instead of by a carrier are not locked. Unlocking your phone is easy. Simply contact your service provider or go to a third party that offers the services.

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