Understanding Local Citations in the SEO World


The citation is a very simple online reference of the business’ name, phone number and/or address. Just like the links that come to the website, major search engines are going to use the local citations in order to evaluate a business’ online authority. The difference with the links is that a hyperlink is not actually necessary in order for credit to be received. The business details can simply be added in a plain text.

Local citations

In this part of local SEO work, we see the citations mentioned above but there are also partial citations that include only one of the elements we highlighted. In some cases, you may see a listing of only the name or only the address. While this can bring in advantages since it is definitely better than not having a citation, aiming for complete citations is always a goal in local SEO work. Also, remember that it is always a very good idea to go through a citation audit in order to know exactly where you start from. You might have some local citations present and not even know about them.

Why Do Local Citations Count?

Besides the reviews and the links, the local citations are the main factor that major search engines will use in order to decide business ranks in the local search results. It is quite logical that the business that is often mentioned should have a higher authority. The only thing is that those locations need to be as relevant as possible. If you have a citation in a directory of food companies, you have no benefit in the event you have a business in the entertainment business.

Google will use the citations in order to verify contact detail accuracy. Those that are incorrect or that are falsified are practically identified. Since the reliability of the search engine is questioned if bad citations are offered, it is normal for Google to care a lot about what is presented. Correct information will be offered when the exact same contact details are going to be seen on various sites. That is when Google highlights the address and contact details for the searchers.

Citations are also going to be important as they can improve the awareness the business has on the internet. If a business has the information highlighted in many different places online, more people will see it. That is just a second advantage business owners are surely going to appreciate.

Looking For High-Quality Citations

The truth is that there are so many great citation options that are available for businesses these days. You can start with the common directories but looking for options on social media sites, forums and blogs is also something you do want to take into account.

The best thing you can do is to simply look for high authority websites and directories where you can add citations. Make sure all the local citations are done manually and that you make them as unique as possible in terms of business descriptions. This practice helps you to gain some extra benefits.


  1. I personally believe that local seo is not just an option ,its a critical element that you cannot survive without.Thanks for sharing this wonderful article


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