What is a Twitter Handle or Username? How to Pick A Twitter Handle?

A Twitter handle is the name that you need to register yourself on this platform. It is also known as a username and starts with @. This name is unique to every Twitter user as it acts as an account’s identifier, so no one else can use your username for Twitter. It also appears at the end of your Twitter URL when you log in to your ID on the web browser.

For example, if your Twitter username is ‘techprevue,’ it will appear on your ID as @techprevue and URL as https://twitter.com/techprevue.

The Twitter handles are pretty different from your Twitter names. Other profiles can have the same display name as yours, but no two Twitter accounts can have the same username. Here are some other differences between the two –

Difference between Twitter Handle and Display Name

Twitter Username Twitter Display Name
  1. Minimum characters: Four
  2. Maximum characters: Up to 15
  3. It must be unique from other users.
  4. It can’t contain spaces or signs except for underscore (_), number, uppercase, and lowercase letters.
  5. For example, @username
  1. Minimum characters: Two
  2. Maximum characters: Up to 50
  3. It can be similar to other users.
  4. It can contain anything from space to special characters like @, #, >, %, etc.
  5. For example, Display Name.

The Twitter handle is a unique identifier of a Twitter user, whereas the display name is the personal identifier. Even if you aren’t using your real name in your Twitter usernames, you can add it to your display name for people to identify your account quickly.

What is a Twitter handle

Importance of a Twitter Username/Handle

The Twitter handle is an essential part of your profile, whether you are using it for personal or business purposes. It has a significant role in your brand’s social media marketing. Here is why picking the appropriate username necessary –

  • A suitable username will show professionalism.
  • It makes it easy to spot or mention your profile on Twitter.
  • It gives a clean look for printed marketing media.
  • Not only that, but it makes it easy for followers to memorize and recall usernames when searching your profile online.

How to Pick A Twitter Handle?

Twitter is another famous social media platform. But other than sharing special moments, people use it to update news, share their opinions, views, or support for any movement. Read our exclusive guide on sign up for Twitter. Using a unique and sophisticated username will make you look professional. Here are some tips for you to pick the best Twitter username –

1. Keep the name Short and Simple

The first and foremost thing you must keep in mind before picking a username for Twitter is to keep it short. Twitter allows its users to use only 280 characters in the post. If someone mentions you on his post using your long username, it will reduce the number of characters even further.

2. Use Original Name

If you are making a profile for your brand or business, we will advise you to use your real identity. In case someone has already claimed your required title, you can add words like ‘HQ’ or ‘Inc’ to differentiate your account. You can also use a nickname for the same.

3. Keep username Consistent

Having the same name on different social media platforms will benefit you in many ways. The essential one is that it will make it easy for your followers to find or identify you on different platforms.

4. Don’t Add Underscores or Numbers

Using special characters or numbers may differentiate your username (if your favorite one is not available). But it makes your Twitter handle complex for your followers to pronounce or memorize.

5. Avoid Keyword Stuffing

You may think keyword stuffing will make it easy to spot you on Twitter. However, stuffing keywords in your Twitter usernames make it hard to differentiate it from the spammy ones.

6. Use the Term ‘The Real’ or ‘Official’ Carefully

You may have seen the use of ‘the real’ in some celebrities’ Twitter handles. Some fake account holders also use them to attract an audience to their profile for increasing followers. To make your profile stand out from these spammers, you must verify your Twitter account.

7. Quickly Claim the Name

You can claim your desired username for Twitter when your business or brand idea is in the beginning stage. Check for its availability on different platforms and make accounts on each of them if it’s available. The availability of options depends on how quickly you make a decision. If it doesn’t work out, you can permanently delete the account.

8. Keep the Spelling the Same

While using your original name in your Twitter handle, keep their spellings alike. You can use your initials to shorten or make your name unique instead of changing the spelling. It is because different spellings can easily confuse your followers and make it hard to spot your profile.

9. Avoid Using Any Sensitive Information

Avoid using any personal or sensitive information in your Twitter usernames like your birth date, year, or area zip code. Some platforms may ask for the date of birth to authenticate users’ ownership. So, giving this information to the audience can make you vulnerable to hackers.

10. Avoid Using Inappropriate Terms

Don’t use any word in your Twitter username that gives wrong meaning or sounds offensive to people. It will create a false image for your profile, especially in front of your office colleagues or friends.

11. Add Your Profession

You can also add terms related to your work or service (provided by your company or brand) along with your real name to make it the best Twitter name. It will make it easy to find your profile when the user is looking for the same service.

Twitter handle ideas for business and personal brand

Twitter Handle Ideas for Business and Personal Brand

Millions of people use Twitter to share their opinions, views, humor, or market their brand/product. So, it isn’t surprising to find your desired Twitter handles being used by someone else. And, you know, no two Twitter users can have the same handle or username. So, what will you do if your desired Twitter username is already in use?

Here are a few tips –

Twitter Handle Ideas for Business Account

  • Add Inc or HQ: You can add these terms with your company or brand name to differentiate your account from others. It will also add a more professional look to your business profile and engage more audiences to it.
  • Add The: Adding ‘the’ before your brand or company name is another clever idea to make your profile stand out from the rest.
  • Add Location: If your company has different branches in different locations, you can use it in the username to differentiate them. It will also help the user identify and choose the proper account based on his area.
  • Domain Name: Adding spelled-out domain names will also help attract users. It will also be easy to memorize and recall for the users.
  • Add Ask or Help: Adding terms like ‘ask,’ ‘get,’ ‘join,’ or ‘help’ in the username will benefit you if your company provides customer support like services, or you are creating an account for the same purpose. It will also be easy for customers to spot the profile at once.

Twitter Handle Ideas for Personal Account

  • Add Initials: Including your username’s initials is a clever way to make it short and differentiate it from other accounts.
  • Add ‘I am’ or ‘this is’: You can add the phrase I am before your name to make it stand out. It is like announcing yourself with pride using the best Twitter name.
  • Use First Name or Last name: If your full name is long and repetitive, you can use your first name or last name. It will make a different image for your profile instead.
  • Add ‘official’ or ‘the real’: You can also add terms like official or the real before your name to make it stand out. Use it carefully, as it can make your profile appear spammy.
  • Add extra letters: Adding an alphabet at the end or beginning of your Twitter handle is another clever method to use your desired username. But don’t add more than two repetitive letters, or your username will appear unprofessional.

You can read our guide on how to create a Twitter account on your Android phone.

FAQ for Twitter Handles

Q. What Does Twitter Handle Mean?

Twitter usernames are the unique names given to the users to register themselves on this platform. These names are easily recognizable from the @ at the name’s beginning.

Q. How Long Can a Twitter Handle be?

The usernames for Twitter can have a minimum of four and a maximum of 15 letters.

Q. Can You Claim a Twitter Handle?

If the profile using your desired Twitter handles is inactive for a long time, you can request the owner for permission to use his username.

Q. Can You Change Twitter Handle Back?

You can use your old Twitter username only if someone else isn’t using it at present.

Q. Is Twitter Username Case Sensitive?

No, the username for Twitter isn’t case-sensitive.

Q. Can I Sell My Twitter Handle?

No, Twitter doesn’t allow selling or buying of Twitter usernames according to its username squatting policy. If a user still tries to do it, Twitter will permanently suspend that user’s account.

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