There is no inadequacy in the availability of photo-editors in the market. But consider that it’s not necessary that the “best photo-editor” fits the needs of everyone to tweak photos.

There is no exact definition of the best since everything depends on the purpose of use. But again, there are few things which remain common while editing photos, such as, crop, resize, rotate, and color effects.

Think of it when you have to apply the same effects on hundreds of photos? It would be so unfair to expect someone to sit and complete the tedious task!

These situations can be handled by getting the right software- a batch editor. A batch photo editor works as a nifty tool when the same effects need to be applied to multiple photos.

tweak photos

Tweak Photos – Batch Photo Editor for Mac

Batch editors not only saves your time but also prevents you from putting your efforts on such unproductive tasks. Tweak Photos is one of the best batch photo editors for Mac users that helps in batch photo editing and at the same time maintains the quality of pictures.

It is an advanced photo editor which professionals and average consumers appreciate for its ease of use. Smart photo-editing is an art. However, the art becomes easier to implement with Tweak Photos. How?

This review is of Tweak Photos. Read on and you will apparently know how editing becomes easier with it.

Easy uploading of photos

It’s simple drag and drop method let you upload photos in the easiest possible way. You can drag and drop photos, folders, or can make use of File Explorer to get started. Additionally, you can add photos from iPhoto on your Mac with ease.

Tweak photos Easy Upload

Batch editing

Once the photos are dropped from your Mac to the application, start editing pictures with the bevy of options. You can resize, crop, watermark, change color effect, and add text to multiple photos.

The right panel of the application shows the sequence wise effects applied on photos.

Simply add the effects, save them and apply to the bunch of photos immediately.

Tweak photos Batch Editing

Save sessions

Suppose you are working on your photos and your system shuts down itself due to some error, then all your hard work will be in vain! This is the case with a normal editor.

However, Tweak Photos lets you save your sessions and even restore in case of any faults occurred in the system. It comprises of the details of the effects added and implemented to the photos.

Tweak photos Save Sessions


Think of a situation when you have multiple photos with the same name in different folders or you have clubbed photos of birthday and anniversary and now you want to save them separately?

You can separate the photos by renaming them. Add prefix or suffix to the photos and save them to the desired location or replace existing ones.

Tweak photos Format Rename

Smart error reporting and preview

Tweak photos carefully edit and saves pictures. And whenever a problem occurs, it reports the problem to the system. These errors can be rectified in the preview for a smoother batch editing experience.

Tweak photos Format Rename

Save Favorite Edits

Edit your pictures to give them appealing look with the effects and add those effects in favorite to apply anytime instantly without devoting a lot of time.

Photo- filters

The photo filters will allow you to enhance the beauty of the picture with the appealing filters. The captivating set of photo filters will give an exclusive look to your photos.

Tweak photos Favorite Edit


Tweak photos has all the necessary tools to create and apply elegant, and effective watermarks to the photos. the powerful editing tools will help in creating unique multi-layer watermarks.

Tweak photos Filters

In the nutshell, Tweak Photos is a batch editing software that not only saves time but also ensures the high quality of the pictures. Download now on your Mac!

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