8 Ways to Turn Occasional Readers into Loyal Followers


When it comes to blogging, SERP can only take you so far. Successful blogs that really rake in the money each month all have repeat traffic. You can build as many backlinks as you want if the only people checking out your blog are first-time visitors; you are fighting a losing battle in your search for blogging profits without converting them into loyal followers.

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Tips to Earn Loyal Followers

Your primary goal as a blogger should be amassing a loyal following. Here are eight effective tips for doing just that.

1. Focus on Quality

While there are certainly many tips and tricks to boost your blogs repeat readership, none of them are going to mean a damn if you don’t have top-notch content. Signs you are failing in this department include high bounce rates and a lack of any backlinks that you haven’t built yourself. You don’t need to be a literature professor but you do need to write in a concise, entertaining fashion. If you don’t believe that you are currently doing so, fixing your content should be your number one priority.

2. Keep Your Posts on Topic

If you keep throwing out posts on different topics, nobody is going to know what to expect from your blog. And if they don’t expect anything, why will they return and become loyal followers? You should both define your blog and make that definition obvious to everyone that visits it. This can be achieved with either an informative tagline underneath your blogs name or a personal statement above the fold.

3. Write for your Readers

Who are they and what do they want? As well as defining your blog’s niche, you should define your target audience. And when you write a post, you should be writing exclusively for that audience. Write informative posts that will both educate and entertain them. Don’t use language that they are unlikely to understand just to show how smart you are. When something happens in your niche, don’t be the last blog to report it. Provide genuine value.

4. Let Them Know What to Expect

If you are planning on posting something great next week, advertise that fact in advance. Make first-time visitors to your blog well aware of what they can expect to read about in the future. Where is your blog going in the future? Keep your readers updated about your intentions. But under no circumstances, make promises that you cannot keep. Doing so might benefit you in the short term but it will cost you dearly in the long run.

5. Stand Out From the Crowd

When somebody visits your blog and checks out a particularly entertaining post, you want them to remember where they read it. If your domain or your name doesn’t register in their minds, and you’re not ranking that highly for the posts keywords, how are they going to find you again? An important part of amassing loyal followers is, therefore, making sure that your domain sticks in the minds of first-time visitors. This can be achieved not only with a unique and memorable domain name but also through the use of an attention-grabbing logo.

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6. Post When You Say You’ll Post

One of the easiest ways of losing repeat readers is to fail to regularly update your blog. You certainly don’t need daily updates but you do need to post to a schedule and make that schedule known. If you only have time to write a single post each week, that’s not a problem. Provided it’s of sufficient quality and your readers know not to visit your blog looking for new content more than once a week, you will do just fine. The problems start when your readers expect new content and it isn’t there. This leads to feelings of disappointment and such feelings do not lead to repeat traffic.

7. Get More Subscribers

Probably the easiest way to boost the amount of repeat traffic that your blog receives is to build up a significant number of subscribers. RSS feeds are the most widely used and they are generally the best choice for blogs that target reasonably tech-savvy audiences. You should advertise your feed prominently throughout your site. And you should be aware that most RSS subscribers prefer to read entire posts in their readers, not introductions. Therefore don’t offer a partial feed if really want to keep them as loyal followers.

8. Community Matters

It doesn’t matter how talented you are when it comes to writing killer content, you will always have competition. And that competition wants nothing more than to steal your readers. How can you go about preventing them from doing so? You let your readers know how valued they are. Take an active approach when it comes to commenting responses. Ask them what they want to read about and deliver posts that cover those topics. When someone comments a lot on your blog, return the favor. Show your readers that you value them.


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