For everyone who hope to jailbreak their iPhone, update iOS 9.3.3, or change old iPhone to a new one, it is very critical to backup iPhone beforehand, or otherwise, you might have the risk of losing the data.  However, if you choose the conventional way of transferring a large amount of data via iTunes, you will need to wait for long time and finish the operations step by step very carefully. To ensure that you could transfer iPhone data  more effectively in a simple way, we would like to introduce a fast and full-featured data manager utility-  MacX MediaTrans.

MacX MediaTrans

As the name implies, MacX MediaTrans is a lightweight, fast data transfer to that enables you to transfer iPhone, iPad or iPod photos, videos and music files to a computer running OS X, or vice versa, transfer data from the computer to your iOS devices. Both Mac version and Windows version are available for download.

Transfer iPhone iPad Data Easily

Connect your Apple device to computer using the cable,  launch the program, then you can get started to transfer data at will with far less time than it would with iTunes. Offering the revolutionized two-way sync mode, MacX MediaTrans makes transferring photos/videos/music between iPhone,  iPad and computer as easy as drag and drop.

MacX MediaTrans Home

Transfer Photos

Click “Photo Transfer” tab and you can preview the whole iPhone album immediately. Select one or multiple photos which you want to transfer from iPhone to Mac, or you or click “Select All” on the top right corner to transfer the whole album. Then click “Export”, the software will export iPhone photos to Mac computer instantly.  Specifically, 100 photos in 4K resolution can be transferred from iPhone to Mac in approximately 8 seconds only.

MacX MediaTrans Camera Roll

Manage Music, Video and Playlist

In addition, with the help of MacX MediaTrans you could easily manage your iOS  You can create playlists, edit music information, delete songs you do not need anymore. Meanwhile, it also gives you a hand to transfer iPhone, iPod or iPad audio songs to Mac within a minimal time. In the similar way, you could  transfer videos from your iPhone to Mac , and vice versa.

MacX MediaTrans Home Video

What is special, MacX MediaTrans is designed with a built-in video converter, which will automatically convert the video format and size if the video is incompatible with your Apple device. There’s no need to use any additional video converter program at all.

Flash Drive

We also find a special feature in MacX MediaTrans that this iOS transfer utility that it can turn your iPhone into a secure and really convenient USB flash drive. Imagine how useful it would be if you store some Micorsoft word documents, importance graphics,  notes, Excel, apps and take them with you.

MacX MediaTrans Video

If you need to share files between your iPad, iPhone and computer frequently, and you want to save some time and effort to do the data transfer instead of having to wait impatiently, then MacX MediaTrans is worth a try.