Now that you’ve finally got your iPhone 7 or 7 Plus, the first thing you’ll want to do is to transfer data from your old iPhone to your beloved new device. Apart from time-consuming iTunes & iCloud backup-restore way, here I’ve found a more flexible yet faster way to get the data migration work done in just one click – with AnyTrans, a handy tool for data management and transfer.

Having Old iPhone?

AnyTrans 5 makes the jump from old iPhone to iPhone 7 a breeze. Whether you want to transfer everything hidden in the nooks and crannies of your old iPhone (even custom settings), or just transfer messages, contacts, Safari items, app data, etc. without restoring anything else, it’s all just a few clicks away.

Transfer Data 2 iPhone 7

Transfer Data to iPhone 7 with AnyTrans

Here are detailed steps on How to Transfer Data to iPhone 7 with AnyTrans:

1. Download and install AnyTrans 5, for both PC and Mac. Run the program, connect both of your old iPhone and iPhone 7 to it, and keep them connected during the whole data transfer process.


Clone device

2. Select your old iPhone at the top and you will see six bubbles with different transfer options. Click on the “Clone Device” bubble to transfer data from iPhone to new iPhone 7 in bulk.

Quick start

3. Confirm the source device and target device to make sure you’ll transfer data from old iPhone to new iPhone 7.

Target device

4. If you want to transfer everything to new iPhone 7, you can just click to start transfer directly. Or, if you just want to transfer messages or certain items instead of full copy, you can select here you want to transfer and what to skip. (Notice that you’ll have to turn off Find My iPhone to make sure the transfer goes successfully.)


5. Or you can: You can also use AnyTrans to transfer only selected data to new iPhone 7 from old iPhone, such as selected songs, photos or a specific note only. You just need to select a specific data type and start transferring.

iOS Content

6. For instance, to transfer selected songs instead of all, click on Audio option > Music > Choose songs you need > Click the Send to Device button. And done!

Old iPhone data

Try AnyTrans 5 today

AnyTrans is a good choice for transferring data from your old iPhone to new iPhone 7. You can get a free download right now, for Mac or PC.