Unfortunately, quite a lot of people become the unlucky target of laptop theft.  According to FBI statistics, “1 out of every 10 notebook computers are stolen within the first 12 months of purchase, and 90% of them are never recovered.”

Track My Mac app

Sometimes the laptop itself is not so valuable as the data stored on it. That’s why, never miss a chance to get back your computer and return the lost files.

As technology advances we can use more sophisticated tools to get back our lost or stolen property.

As a Mac owner you can always activate Find My Mac, however if you would like to get a bigger picture and control over your missing device, there is an easy and free way to increase chances of recovering your Mac and finding the thief.

Developer Kromtech created a new iOS app, Track My Mac, that can finally provide Mac owner with ultimate location data over the missing Mac, generate an iSight photo of the thief, and lock&unlock Mac remotely via iPhone. All of these functions are put into one app that is available for free. Let’s see how it works.

Step 1: Download Track My Mac from iTunes App Store

The app is completely free of charge and can be installed from iTunes App Store.

Track My Mac app5

Step 2: Add Unlimited Number of Devices

Track My Mac can monitor the unlimited number of Macs. After creating your personal account just click “Add new device”. At this point all your devices are by default either marked as “Protected” or “Tracking Disabled”.

Track My Mac app

Step 3: Report Your Mac as Stolen / Lock & Unlock the Screen Remotely

When you notice that your Mac is missing, immediately report it as “Stolen” and start tracking it from your iPhone. Once the status of your device is changed for “Stolen”, you can use the Remote Screen Locker. Just press “Lock Screen” and no one can access the data on your Mac. Later if you need to unlock it, enter your user account password.

Track My Mac app

Step 5: Get Anti-Theft Reports with iSight Photos of the Thief

With Track My Mac users can get an evidence of unauthorized access by a snapshot of the person who enters incorrect Mac OS User Account Password. The snapshot is sent to the iPhone owner as a part of anti-theft report. The report includes location on the map, IP address, name of the WiFi router and the photo evidence. All user has to do is to send the report to the local police office.

Track My Mac app

Step 6: Report Your Mac as Found

If lost Mac is successfully recovered, congratulations! Anti-theft reports helped police do a good job. Now you can press “Report found” and change the status of your device.

Track My Mac app

We hope you will never need to use anti-theft apps to return your Mac, but better safe than sorry.