Web development is one of the fastest rising areas in online business since websites emerged as the strongest online tools for businesses. Over the course of time, coupled by the rapid expansions taking place in the tech sphere, it’s paramount for web developers to be in the loop of what is happening as far as new tools for web development are concerned. The only way developers can create adoptive websites that work, is ensuring that their development frameworks are compatible with what users have right now in as far as supporting technology is concerned. The following are some of the latest top web development tools you should know about.

Top web development tools

List of Lastest Top Web Development Tools

1. Plagspotter.com

Duplicate content checker PlagSpotter is a tool that will guide web developers to produce original and innovative unique content for their websites.

2. Browser sketch sheets

This tool provides a large sketch sheet collection with many different canvasses, grids and templates. Sketch sheets are in a read-to-print format. The tool has also included a PSD Photoshop grid template. Browser sketch sheets help in quickly converting your sketch into a graphic mock-up.

3. PHP The Right Way

PHP is a tool that has reduced the misleading and lots of outdated information given to users.php is an easy to read and provides quick references to web users. The tool accepts coding standards and links to authoritative tutorials around the web.

4. This is responsive

This is responsive is a tool used by most web developers. It helps in creating patterns, resources and news during web experiences. This tool is most commonly used by technical non-designers.

5. Jqm PHP

This is a package of PHP classes that facilitates the creating of html files for use with query mobile framework. A unique feature with the tool is that all classes in the Jqm PHP package can be converted to string and printed with echo function

6. Skrollr

Skrollr is a tool that is involved in transforms, scaling, skew and parallax scrolling on the web.