Well, in this modern day and world where technology has been diversified in almost every field and environment, it is fundamental to go with the trendsetters and not be left behind. Some people may not be big believers in technology as they feel like technology replaced everything that we once held dear, even matters like relationships. That is just further from the truth because technology has made things more efficient and effective. In the recent years, some biggest tech gadgets have been created that have ended up changing our lives for the better. From health matters to education, technology has improved our lives. I have chosen some of the biggest tech gadgets that you must have or at least that you must try. They are not a must, but once you try them, you will feel the impact and the difference that they make in your life. Here are some of the few gadgets I have chosen from a very long list of amazing gadgets out there.

Biggest tech Gadgets

Top biggest tech Gadgets for you

Apple iPhone 5

Well, those who have used this phone have to agree with me when I say that this may be probably one of the best phones Apple ever designed. Some may argue that this phone looks like other phones created by the competing companies, but nothing could be further from the truth. So what makes this phone so amazing in the first place. This phone has some very distinct features. It has an array of different colors that enable you to choose from. The colors are many including gold. On top of that, this phone has a very fast processor that is quite beneficial. It has a very long-lasting battery life that ensures your convenience and ensures that its power does not keep going off. It also has a very nice and powerful camera that captures images very perfectly and brings them to life. If you haven’t used this phone, give it a try, and you may end up doing away with your old phone.

Anker Astro E4

In the list of biggest tech gadgets, it is one very strong power bank. So you may wonder, what makes it different from other power banks out there? This gadget has got 13000 lithium battery inside which ensures that it is powered up. On top of that, this power bank can charge up to 6 phones. I mean, how cool that is. It also allows you convenience as it can charge two devices at the very same time allowing you the comfort of using the two devices. On top of that, you can carry this gadget from one place to another with ease as it is very much portable. If you are curious about its size, it has the size of a smartphone. This gadget is very much affordable, and you can get it on Amazon under $45. It is the latest tech news so do make sure to read it.

Skullcandy PLYR 1

Yes, technology is even including the games. If you are a gamer, then this gadget is definitely for you and you can never go wrong with this gadget. It offers you convenience, fun, comfortability, I mean, what more could you ask for. It is wireless, and its sound quality is just out of this world. Connecting it to the PC is very easy and usually ends up enhancing the sound of your game. To make the deal even juicier, it has a microphone that allows you the convenience of chatting about it. The wearables are so comfortable and hence can be used for a long period without feeling any discomfort or exhaustion. You should try it.

Withings Pulse

As we have seen, technology has been diversified and can be used almost anywhere. So, we all want to remain healthy and always make it a new year’s resolution to improve on our health. It is never a walk in the park as most of the time we give up along the way and stop going for our morning jogs. What if you had an accountability partner to help monitor some of these things? This is one among biggest tech gadgets that can be useful for your healthy matters. This gadget ensures and keeps you on track towards keeping fit. It monitors your walks and measures how much you walk on a given period. It can also calculate and show you the calories that you get to burn. On top of that, it displays your vitals and keeps you on track towards keeping fit.

Looxcie HD Explore

Yes, your smartphone can take pictures and video clips but imagine that you had a gadget that brings the amazing images to live. It is a camcorder which records 720p per second or even higher. This gadget then sends the images to your smartphone and allows you the convenience you need.


These biggest tech gadgets are fantastic and what’s better is the fact that they can be used to serve different purposes. They are gadgets that you need and could change your life for the better. Try them out and you’ll see the difference.


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