Top 28 Educational Blog Sites for Teachers and Students

Education can come in all forms. Education is the most important thing at present. The internet has globalized education, and many people from different countries can discuss and share their knowledge. If you search on the internet, you can find some useful portals or educational blog sites which are very popular, and discuss all the points you want to know. Some are free, but few of them are paid.

Who has to think blogs and bloggers will contribute to the world of education? If you do not know what a blog is, a blog is a website (personal) containing the content (articles) organized like a diary or journal. A blog displays published blog posts in reverse chronological order. Thus, the most recent blog post remains at the top.

Education is the soul of a human being. It exists in diverse forms. So are the educational blogs. Top educational blog sites are important sources for teachers, students, parents, etc. These serve as a great way to extract information depending on the need. In addition, blogs are a great resource for connecting and sharing information worldwide.

Educational blogs can provide relevant information. As you know, education is the core of all hearts. So are blogs. There is a wide variety of blogs on the internet. If you explore it, you will find multiple of them, which can benefit you.

Blogs can be considered “Resource creators” and “Resource givers.” Before getting some insights about the best educational blogs in today’s world, let’s briefly talk about a blog.

A blog can be considered a personal diary where a person documents, shares experiences, or creates articles and publishes them. A blog contains entries published in reverse chronological order to get the most recent post at the top. In the blog, every blog post has a publishing and updating date.

So, now that you have become aware of what a blog is. Let’s move on to some of the best educational blogs for teachers and students.

If you have a computer or smartphone, there is no need to always have books with you. Several sites on the World Wide Web, like Wikis, provide lots of useful information. In addition, many organizations and people also share knowledge through blogs.

It won’t be wrong to say that you can find quality content on various blogs today. Many niche educational blogs share rich content every day. Students should read and follow these helpful, informative blogs to gain knowledge. I have tried to give you a list of top blogs for students. I believe you will find it helpful and share knowledge with the world.

Top educational blog sites

After putting some effort into it, I found that these 20+ top educational blog sites publish rich content. Let’s explore them.

Top Educational Blog Sites

Firstly, we will discuss and take insights into some top educational blogs for teachers.

Educational Blogs for Teachers


This blog is for all educators. Its mission and goal are to use and apply innovation in education. It also focuses on establishing and promoting collaboration and connection to enhance learning and effectively use classroom resources.


#2 Cool Cat Teacher Blog

This blog was founded by Vicki Davi, a professional teacher who writes about inspirational and practical topics. It is always helpful for students, teachers, and everyone who reads with new enthusiasm.

As the name suggests, this blog cools teachers by transforming them into excellent educators. It provides various ideas, tips, techniques, and motivation to become extraordinary teachers in the classroom. Through this blog, teachers learn to use technology effectively in the teaching process. The blogger also educates the students on using new tools and makes them enthusiastic learners.

The blogger is an educator and IT director at Westwood Schools in Camilla, Georgia. He started this blog in December 2005.


#3 Free Technology for Teachers

Richard started this blog in 2007 in compliance with a PD course done with the Great Maine Schools partnership. He aims to conduct workshops for teachers, create lesson plans for technology-based teaching for the teachers, and provide free resources to make their teaching effective. He also writes about and creates content on educational technology.

The prime purpose of this blog is to share information on the topic/subject of free resources that educators can use in their classrooms. As a result, this blog has won many awards from several publications. For example, the Edublogs Award for “Best Individual Blog,” Best Ed Tech Support,” and Best Resource Sharing Blog” was awarded in 2010.


#4 KQED MindShift

This blog focuses on enhancing learning. It fosters the best ways that the teachers can use to guide the students and provide the best education. It covers areas like analyzing the role and use of technology, innovation in racial and gender discrimination in education, socio-emotional learning, and mental health. The vision is how teachers use technology and innovation to make learning effective.

It is a KQED service that was launched in 2010. Its senior editor is Ki Sung.


#5 TeachThought K-20 Education Blog

This blog highlights the discovery, exploration, and creativity in K-20 education. The vision is to guide educators and teachers for innovation in the teaching-learning process for people of the 21st century. It shares resources and views for K-20 teachers. This blog creates the design for learning models, school models, curriculum, pedagogy, technology, and other tools that help learn by collaborating with others.


#6 Teachers Pay Teachers

This blog is where teachers and educators buy, sell, and share original resources. The aim is to motivate teachers to provide original resources and content to enrich teaching and learning and become more effective.


#7 The New York Times

This blog creates a network of learning between teachers and students. It provides various resources for the teachers to bring practical teaching and learning processes into the classroom. It helps the students to learn through activities.


#8 Teacher Network

This blog contains news about teachers, comments, and the guardian’s viewpoint to improve the teachers’ performance and work on the downsides. This blog mainly contains content created by teachers and experts in the education sector. It is for teachers to enhance their performance, keeping in mind the viewpoint of guardians.


#9 Larry Ferlazzo

This blog focuses on websites that aid in teaching ELL, ESL, and EFL and provides English education to interested learners.


#10 BusyTeacher

As the name suggests, this blog is for all the teachers who are too busy with their chores. It provides them with printable worksheets free of cost. These worksheets cover grammar, vocabulary, reading, listening, writing, and speaking. The worksheets will be segmented into grammar categories to make it easy for you to explore and get.


#11 Model Teaching

This blog provides diverse courses with the quality factor kept in mind. Its goal is to improve teaching performance. Teachers are also trained to implement suitable methodologies and tools in the classroom.

Through this, the teaching-learning process would be effective.


#12 Shake Up Learning

Kasey Bell owns this blog. This blog lets readers get insights about educational technology, digital learning material, tips, ideas, tutorials, Google cheat sheets, and much more. This blog is of great help to educators across the globe.


#13 Truth for Teachers

Angela Watson created this blog in 2003. The mission is to share ideas about doing practical teaching and learning by doing in the classroom. It helps the teachers to develop a positive attitude and mindset towards their work. It fosters love and commitment towards their work by making the whole teaching-learning process fun.


#14 Practical Ed Tech

It’s Richard Byrne’s blog. This blog aims to teach teachers about technology and make them aware of it. It fosters the creation of tech-savvy teachers to apply technology in their teaching practices and methods. Using technology in education creates effective learning.


#15 TeacherToolkit

It is a leading U.K.-based educational blog that has covered around 4 million classrooms across the globe. Million people are reading this inspiring blog. Teachers read this blog to enrich their teaching process and bring innovative and creative ideas to their classrooms. The blog aims to develop the teachers’ minds to progress their mindset and imply effective classroom strategies.


These are some of the best and most useful educational blogs for teachers.

#16 David Warlick’s 2 Cents Worth

Set up by David, who describes himself as a non-traditional teacher grappling with a fascinating world, he had no reason to expect. This blog mainly focuses on technology in education, but David also branches out often into education policy with real-world uses.


Now, coming to the best educational blogs for students, given below are a few of them:

Educational Blogs for Students

#17 Warwick | The Careers Blog

This blog is basically for students. Students can connect with employers to lead growth in their careers. It also aids in developing skills, attitudes, and thoughts about the future. Students can read various information on multiple topics and subjects. All informative content is helpful for the students.

This blog features excellent articles related to teaching and education every week. Warwick, the careers blog, engages online readers by providing great information, facts, and stats on different subjects and topics. Every article posted on this blog is informative and practical.


#18 Inside Higher Ed

This great blog is a virtual platform for educational news, creative ideas, and jobs for higher education students. You can find various jobs here. In addition, the articles created on this blog will provide you with factual information about adaptability in a particular job.


#19 Khan Academy Blog

This blog offers varied information. It provides practice worksheets, instructional videos, and an individualized learning dashboard for learners, allowing them to study at any place of their choice. It provides solutions for mathematics, science, computers, history, art, economics, and other subjects. It also includes content related to K-14 and tutorials for preparing tests.

This blog allows learners to enhance their knowledge through enriching skills.


#20 University Blog

This blog is beneficial for students. It provides information about the career, tips, and scholarships. It also includes information related to education and admission.


#21 Positivity Blog

Reading blogs and articles will keep you updated with news and information and help you become a great person. However, following a positive attitude and spreading that rationalism to others will make your relationships, like your family, friends, etc., more rewarding. This blog, “Positivity Blog,” will help you become that positivist social butterfly with its everyday tips on how to be a better person and build stronger relationships. You will be surprised after reading a few posts.


Educational Blogs for both Students and Teachers

Some blogs are highly beneficial for both the teachers and the students. Here are a few of them:

#22 eLearning Industry

Both students and teachers will find it helpful. It provides the best articles, concepts, resources, and software on a virtual platform. If you want an informative and knowledge-sharing hub, read it with millions of eLearning professionals. Different learners on the same platform worldwide can connect and share their knowledge and resources with others.


#23 Discovery Education

This blog created many digital textbooks for students and motivated teachers to enrich the teaching-learning process. It also helps inspire students by providing them with flexible and quality education. It offers online content for all rural, urban, and suburban sectors.


#24 U.S. Department of Education

This is a U.S.-based blog whose mission is to prepare students to achieve their goals. It also helps them prepare for worldwide competition through excelling in the field of education. This blog ensures equal accessibility for all, which is a remarkable feature.


#25 Primary Education Blog

It’s a U.K.-based blog that is highly trustworthy by all global teaching communities. Students get access to teacher-created content. It helps inspire and motivate teachers to teach effectively. Its evaluation resources enrich learning effectively.


#26 The Chalk Blog | Learners Edge

It is an informative blog that motivates teachers to enhance their quality and performance in teaching. Moreover, the Chalk Blog enlists the courses and disseminates information shared by the teachers, which might help you a lot.


#27 Ditch That Textbook By Matt Miller

Matt Miller created and developed this blog. As the name suggests, it aims to ditch the textbooks. Its mission is to shift your dependency from textbooks towards innovation, creativity, and technology through practice teaching. This would enhance your skills by learning better than just receiving bookish knowledge. It also focuses on learning by doing rather than being confined to textbooks.


#28 Student Life Network Blog

This blog provides readers with interesting facts categorized into various classes, including health facts, country facts, educational facts, life hacks, and more. It provides accurate information on the different subjects it covers.


Final Thoughts

These were some of the best and frequently updated top and best educational blogs one must explore. These blogs are a repository of fact-full and knowledgeable information, which is helpful for teachers and the students. The list is comprehensive. But, amongst the vast list, these are some of the enriching sources of knowledge that we have explored.

The educational blogs mentioned above are a great way to enhance teaching and learning and the potential in education. Blogs are a great source to learn. Go for some of these and try extracting valuable information.

If you are looking for more sources, this list of podcasts for teachers can help you further develop your educational skills.

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