Education can come in all forms. Education is most important thing in present time. Internet has globalize the education and many people from different countries can discuss and share their knowledge with us. If you search on the internet, you can find some good portals which are very popular and discussing on all points that you want to know. Some are free but few of them are paid.

Who have think, blog and blogger will have contribution in the world of education. If you are thinking what is a blog? – then in short, a blog is a website (personal) that contains the content (articles) organized like a diary or journal. Each entry is dated as well as entries are displayed on the website in reverse chronological order in order that the most recent post is posted at the top.

After putting some effort I found these 7 educational blog, which are publishing overall rich content. Let’s explore them…

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  1. Whatthafact ‖

A large numbers of great articles related to teaching and education on this blog site every week, so it is really beneficial to follow this blog site. Whatthafact engaged online readers by providing great information, facts and stats on different subjects and topics. Every article posted on this site starts with “10 interesting and amazing……….

  1. Lily’s Blackboard ‖

This blog is written by Lily Eskelsen (the NEA’s Vice President), who posts about trends in education to the statehouse, from the classroom to federal education policy.

  1. Cool Cat Teacher ‖

This blog was founded by Vicki Davi, a teacher by profession writes about sometimes inspirational, sometimes practical, but is always helpful for students, teaching and everyone who reads with a new enthusiasm.

  1. Edudemic ‖

This blog provides teachers with ideas, advice and lesson plans to integrate technology in a best way in the classroom. Whereas visiting to this site can be a little overwhelming at first because the great amount of attention-grabbing content, and you will find new ideas that make your site visit worth your time.

  1. Technology with Intention ‖

Created by Jac de Haan, an educator focused on tech integration in the classroom. This blog specializes in public learning about technology and education. Jac de Haan documents some of the less embarrassing moments on Technology with Intention, interviews with people he looks up as well as challenge his own educational philosophy.

  1. David Warlick’s 2 Cents Worth ‖

Set up by David who describes himself as a non-traditional teacher who is grappling with a strongly exciting world he had no reason to expect. This blog is mainly focused on technology in education, but David also branches out often into education policy with real-world uses.

  1. Free Technology 4 Teachers ‖

The prime purpose of this blog is to share information on the topic / subject of free resources that educators can use in their classrooms. This blog has won many awards from several publications, for example, awarded the Edublogs Award for “Best Individual Blog”, Best Ed Tech Support,” and Best Resource Sharing Blog,” in the year 2010.

Author Bio
Shivam Pal an energetic and self motivated writer, he has written creative articles and journals for various channels. . I wish to share my knowledge with others and jump into blogging and write the article about education sharing, technology, health issues. For more update follow me on twitter.

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