It’s tough to have a teenage daughter, especially if she’s moody and picky all the time. Can video games help with that kind of behavior? It may be. Give your daughter an iPhone; download some cool games meant exclusively for girls, and see what happens. Believe it or not, some social games are quite educational. They’ll expand their knowledge, keep them busy, and they will offer them a hobby. Whether its fashion or entrepreneurship, there’s no doubt there are iPhone games out there that can positively influence your girl’s perceptions. Let’s see 5 of them.


  1. Snow White Café

The Snow White Cafe is a game that indulges the player to develop his entrepreneurial skills. Your job will be to help Snow White run an enchanted café, train the dwarfs, get new equipment, as well as furnish the place. If you want more money, you can always wait tables but be careful as the clientele is very select. Fiona, Cinderella and Rapunzel will be among your loyal customers. Treat them right, earn coins, and just have fun!

  1. Modern Fashion: Dress Up

Is your little girl crazy about your outfits? Does she have a classy sense of style already? Then you should certainly allow her to play Modern Fashion. The iOS game is packed with jazzy looks, hundreds of clothing options, hairstyles and accessories. Mix and match, help your daughter find the cutest outfits, and foster her sense of fashion. Modern Fashion is such a fun game for little girls to play. Enjoy the experience together. Create funny Gaga looks or keep it elegant the Audrey Hepburn way.

  1. Princess Fairy Tale

Suitable for girls with ages between 3 and 9, Princess Fairy Tale is an award-winning iOS app. All you have to do is make a fairy tale with fairies, animals, princesses and ballerinas. Use as much glitter as possible to decorate the setting and share the story with family and friends. Princess Fairy Tale is fun and interactive. Some of the main features of the game include: 32 animated background settings (clouds, castle, fairyland, etc), over 190 animated stickers, 29 colored crayons and pencils, animated overlays and sparkles.

  1. Bubble Mania

Bubble Mania is insanely fun. And since most little girls like bubbles and kittens, this iPhone game will certainly astound them. Bubble Mania has you saving adorable kittens by playing a bubble shooter. It’s such a cute app to download. Featuring over 300 levels and challenging puzzles, big bonuses, power-ups, and exciting animations, Bubble Mania will keep the player hooked for weeks. Teamlava is an acclaimed app developer that keeps on surprising fans with incredible games for the iPhone. Is your little girl ready to pop some bubbles?

  1. Barbie Fashionistas

Welcome to Barbie’s closet where everything’s pink and sparkly! Mix & match cool outfits, create original looks in the dressing room, and make your Barbie doll stand out. For the most talented, the game allows players to make custom designs in their very own Design Studio. Barbie’s Dressing Rooms is absolutely spectacular. Put together the trendiest outfits with a swipe of a finger on your iPhone, combine shoes and accessories, clothes and hairstyles, and just have fun. Girls will absolutely adore Barbie Fashionistas. Don’t forget to take snapshots with your favorite looks; put them on social media sites, show them to your friends, and be proud of your virtual doll.

We love iOS games for girls because they’re so fun and engaging. Some of them are meant to expand your daughter’s horizon as far as fashion is concerned, others are just enjoyable.

Author Bio: Fredrick Cameron is a lifelong gamer who loves to play latest and craziest games. He also writes articles on gaming and latest technology. Apart he also works in the team of editors of the gaming site Airplane Games 365.