The process of converting an html document to pdf file format is a topic that often sparks a debate among most webmasters. Although many of them lay emphasis on conventional or rather manual conversion practices, it is hard even for them to deny the benefits and importance of an html to pdf converter. These converters are known to provide augmented conversion functionality and enrich the converted pdf documents in terms of readability and editing attributes.

Let’s have a look at top 5 html to pdf converters that stand out among the horde of all the available ones across the internet domain. This will help you to figure out which one suits your purpose in just the right manner.

html to pdf conversion

Top 5 HTML to PDF Converters to Look At

1. PDFCrowd
Although PDFCrowd supports both URL and HTML to PDF conversions, it is considered to be more apt for URL to PDF conversions. The URL of any internet document is inputted in the dialog box of this converter and the output file, which is in pdf form, can be saved to a desired location on any directory within your computer system.

2. Total HTML Converter
Total HTML converter, as the name suggests offers users a comprehensive list of conversion capabilities. It is primarily a windows program that allows you to convert any internet document into a pdf format, either by using the URL or the HTML link of the original document. It also allows the user to preview the converted file and even offers some tools to make any desired changes with the converted document.

3. Click to Convert
Click to Converter is another windows program that offers the same functionality level as the Total HTML converter. Using this converter, you can undertake reverse operations like converting pdf files to html format. Furthermore, this converter allows the user to edit the converted PDF document and also merge it into another existing converted pdf file.

4. Expert PDF
Expert PDF is by far the most versatile html to pdf converter. It encompasses in itself several features and tools that enable the user to undertake highly enriched html to pdf conversions. It offers the user password protection capabilities so that the document is prevented from being accessed by any unauthorized personnel. In addition to this, this converter also comes with the facility of imprinting digital signatures on the converted document, in order to avert the risks associated with plagiarism.

Above mentioned is the list of some of the most sought after html to pdf converters that offer different functionality levels. You can log onto their respective websites to purchase subscription packages.